6 Sustainable Graduation Gift Ideas

6 Sustainable graduation gift ideas showcasing the back of a graduate wearing a graduation cap and holding a bouquet of roses

Graduation season is fast approaching! Have you prepared gifts for your favourite graduate? Check out our 6 ideas for sustainable graduation gifts!

Bamboo Loungewear

Two images with a woman wearing a soft, bamboo lounge set in mauve-taupe and seagrass colours. The top is long-sleeve, with a tie at the waist.

Graduation is such an exciting time - whether they’re heading off to college, or on their own in their first apartment with their first industry job, everybody can benefit from luxurious, high-quality loungewear. Choosing clothing made from bamboo fabric and a sustainable brand is a great way to gift clothing that you know is good for them and the planet. Bamboo is a sustainable crop - it is fast-growing, self-regenerative from its own roots, and uses less water than cotton to grow. It also offers many benefits while wearing the garment, such as breathability, ultra soft texture, and temperature regulation. We recommend our Snuggle-Up Lounge Set - it’s our coziest and softest loungewear set. Made with sustainable and silky-soft bamboo viscose, it’s perfect for lounging in after graduating! We also offer a matching duster - our Joanie Duster. Pair the matching pieces together by tying a ribbon around them to make a great, giftable set. 

Sustainable Carry-On Luggage

The Patagonia MLC Duffel bag in black is shown on the left, and the Paravel Aviator Carry-on in Scout Tan is shown on the right.
Image sources: www.patagonia.ca and www.tourparavel.com 

Most graduates dream of traveling after they’ve completed their schooling. It’s important to have good quality, trusting, and sustainable carry-on luggage while doing so - that’s why we recommend gifting reliable luggage for your graduate. 

There are many options out there for durable luggage, but we’ve sourced our top two options for a sustainable carry-on luggage option. 

First, we’ve looked into a duffle bag option, with Patagonia being the winner. Patagonia makes fantastic, durable, outdoor clothing and gear for all - they also provide tough, weather-defiant duffle bags. Their ‘Black Hole’ collection has multiple options, our favourite being the MLC bag for the perfect carry-on travel bag. This particular bag is crafted with 100% recycled materials and recycled TPU laminate. The TPU laminate makes this bag super weather and damage-resistant. Patagonia’s Black Hole MLC duffle bag is also Fair Trade Certified  sewn.

Another great option for travel is a reliable carry-on suitcase. We’ve dug around online to find the best option and discovered Paravel’s Aviator Carry-On. This unique suitcase was the world’s first carbon-neutral carry-on. It’s made of recycled polycarbonate, recycled aluminum handles, recycled zippers, vegan leather details, and Negative Nylon lining made from 15 upcycled plastic bottles - does it get more sustainable than that? Paravel also offsets all carbon emissions that are generated by creating and shipping the suitcase, then offsets the estimated emissions of its first trip with you (their website states that so far, they have offset over 16,853 tonnes of CO2!). 

Bamboo Towels

Absorbent bamboo towels make a great gift. A pile of three towels in grey, white and desert sage green are shown on the left, with a 3-pack towel gift set on the right.

If your graduate is heading off to college or university, it’s time to invest in some quality towels for those residence rooms! The transition into a new school can be difficult, as this is usually the first time they’re living on their own without their parents! To help make them comfortable and feel at home, it’s important to have quality, cozy towels to wrap themselves in to feel snug and safe. A new set of towels also makes a great housewarming gift for the university/college graduate who’s off to their first home and industry job! We recommend gifting bamboo towels - we offer both  single bamboo bath towels and 3-Piece Towel Sets that are tied with a ribbon and ready to gift! Made of a beautiful bamboo cotton blend, these towels are breathable, highly absorbent, and soft in texture - an excellent option for sensitive skin! 

Sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable jewelry from Brilliant Earth. A woman's hands showcase diamond rings and a tennis bracelet, while she touches a wooden jewelry box holding a neclace.
Image source: www.brilliantearth.com 

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry company with a mission to be more transparent, sustainable, compassionate, and inclusive. They created a rigorous protocol for diamond sourcing - Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds - which are diamonds that are selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins. They also strive to use 100% recycled precious metals to minimize their footprint and diminish the negative impacts of metal mining. From recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds, the company also focuses on reducing waste by offering sustainable packaging. Their unique ring boxes are crafted with wood sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests and they use post-consumer recycled content for all their shipping packaging - amazing! This unique touch to help reduce waste is one of the reasons we love this brand. 

Bamboo Sheet Set

Earth-friendly, temperature-regulating bamboo sheets are shown on a bed as well as in their package

As with towels, bedding is also another great gift for your graduate. It’s important to invest in good quality bedding - you’re in bed for 25-30 years of your life! Bedding is a perfect gift for graduates who are moving into a new house, or even residence, as most residences provide a twin or twin XL bed. We’ve just started offering both twin and twin XL sheet sets, with graduates in mind! 

Bamboo Duvet Set

Matching duvet cover and pillowcases made from eco-friendly bamboo

Having a quality matching bedding set can make a person feel put together and luxurious. We recommend adding a duvet to your sheet set gift to give the gift of luxury for your graduate! We are proud to say our bedding is crafted with 100% certified organic bamboo viscose which is breathable, comfortable, and super soft to touch. It has a silk-like texture and look, with all the benefits of bamboo. Cool-to-touch, and perfect for those with sensitive skin, both bamboo sheets and duvet sets will guarantee you the best sleep ever. Aside from the luxurious feel and look, these sheets also last - which is so important for your graduate. You don’t want to have to replace your bedding often, as it can be expensive and wasteful. Knowing that bamboo is a sustainable resource, as well as a durable one, makes bamboo bedding a fantastic environmental option for your graduate. 

Congratulations to all the graduates in your life! We hope your celebration with them is a merry one filled with sustainability!

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