5 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Towels

5 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Bath Towels

We’ve recently launched our newly fabricated bamboo towel collection! We are so excited to offer a new sustainable, soft, luxurious home product at terrera.ca

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your bath towels and refresh for the new year, now is a great time to research the benefits of bamboo! Our tried-and-true bamboo fabrication is one you have to feel for yourself. It’s soft, absorbent, and breathable - all the qualities you’re looking for in a cozy bath towel! 

So what makes bamboo fabric stand out from its competitors? We’ve outlined 5 reasons below for why you should make the switch to bamboo bath towels!

1. Absorbent

Bamboo towel

A great towel starts with its absorbency. Bamboo fabric is highly water absorbent, even more so than cotton. This means the soft bamboo towel wicks away water, pulling it from the body for a faster and more efficient dry. 

2. Uber Soft

Bamboo bath towel in desert sage green

Bamboo fabric is known for its luxurious softness - it’s truly like no other! Once you try bamboo fabric, you won’t want to go back. Its silky smooth texture leaves skin feeling soft and non-irritated. 

3. Breathable 

White bamboo bath towels

Bamboo is a hollow fibre with micro gaps and holes, which means it has fantastic absorption and ventilation properties compared to other fabrics. 

4. Antibacterial

Bamboo cotton blend bath towels

Bamboo fabric has a unique quality - it is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial. Bamboo viscose fabric contains an antimicrobial bio-agent which keeps it hygienic and clean. Towels are used over and over, having an antibacterial function in the fabric truly amplifies the great qualities bamboo fabric carries.

5. Skin (+ Planet) Kind

 Bamboo bath towel set

Our bamboo products are produced with you and the planet in mind - from every stitching, to button, to colour dyes, our products are free from harmful substances and have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Our dyes are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and require less rinsing and water usage, which makes it a better choice for people (especially those with sensitive skin!) and our planet.

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