Top 5 Benefits of Bamboo Sleepwear

A smiling woman lounges in a bed in a light pink pajama and robe set. The title to the right reads, "5 Benefits of Bamboo Sleepwear".

Who doesn’t love a cozy night in watching Netflix? There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep or lounging on the couch to leave you feeling refreshed! Having a comfy, cozy bed or sofa is so important, but so is what we wear while we’re relaxing. Check out the top 5 benefits of our bamboo sleep and loungewear so you can rest easy in both mind and body!

1. Moisture-wicking

2 images of women wearing the Fable lounge set, a t-shirt and shorts set. The woman on the left poses with her knee bend on an ottoman and the other leg extended. The woman on the right kneels by her bed, holding a cup of coffee and reading a magazine. Both women look relaxed and content.Our bamboo jersey sleepwear and lounge sets are absorbent and moisture-wicking! This means that they absorb the sweat from your skin to help keep you cool while you relax and sleep. If you overheat easily, try out our Fable lounge set with its t-shirt and shorts for warmer weather!

2. Temperature-Regulating Micro-gaps

A woman sleeps while hugging a pillow, wearing the Terrera Snuggle-Up bamboo lounge set in Mauve-Taupe.

Have you heard of a micro-gap? They’re super-small gaps in bamboo fabric, and they are what allow heat to escape when you’re hot! No more night sweats! Bamboo also keeps you warm in the winter and is really the perfect fabric for any season. Our Marcie set, which comes in Cranberry, Black  and Latte, or our newest lounge set, the Snuggle-Up, is the perfect bamboo outfit to go from relaxing in your favourite armchair straight into bed!

3. Smooth, Non-irritating & Hypoallergenic

Close-up image of blue, bamboo fabric. It looks luxurious and soft.Once you feel the softness of bamboo, you will never go back! It's silky-smooth, and feels luxurious against your skin. Our founders started Terrera with a focus on creating environmentally conscious clothing that is safe on sensitive skin, so you can rest assured that our bamboo fabric will be gentle on your skin, too!

4. Anti-bacterial

Lexie Waffle Lounge Set in Moss Green or Lilac, the perfect set to relax inBamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties that help it thrive and grow abundantly! Studies have shown that bamboo viscose has more antimicrobial strength than a regular cotton. Try our bamboo fabric in a matching set like our Lexie in our new waffle fabrication, to keep you feeling fresher, longer!

5. Sustainably Grown & Organic

2 images showing the same woman wearing a bamboo duster in Mauve-taupe and seagrass green. She wears the duster over a tank and shorts on the left, as a cardigan, and over a lounge set on the right, as a robe.Bamboo grows incredibly fast and doesn’t require fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides! It also regenerates very quickly from its own stalk, and releases up to 30% more oxygen into the air than other plants. We love bamboo because of its ability to be spun into beautiful, long-lasting fabrics that you’ll be able to enjoy season after season. Our bamboo pieces are also versatile, and some of our loungewear can be worn everyday, like our Joanie Duster, which doubles as a cute cardigan for daytime!

Bamboo fabric is so versatile and sustainable. Make sure to pick up a new loungewear or sleepwear piece soon, so you can experience the benefits, too!

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