5 Tips for a Gorgeous Bed

5 Tips for a Gorgeous Bed

Over the course of our lives, the average person will spend 25-30 years sleeping in their bed! Our beds are our sanctuaries, providing a soft and safe place to land at the end of each day. They are an investment, so they should look good, too! Have you ever wondered how to style a bed so it looks Instagram-worthy? Check out our 6 tips for a stylish bed below!

1. Start with a soft, luxurious sheet set.

Bamboo sheet set

The foundation of good sleep is comfortable sheets! Choose a high-quality, breathable sheet set made from a luxurious fabric like bamboo, and opt for quality fabrics over quantity when it comes to thread count. If you’re looking for a perfect colour for the spring, we recommend the new Terrera Desert Sage sheet set!

2. Add a comfortable duvet (or two)!

Bamboo duvet cover

Is there anything better than being enveloped in a warm, fluffy duvet? Use a duvet cover that coordinates with your shams to finish off the base of your bed. For extra richness, you can layer 2 duvets, folding one halfway down the bed.

3. Use lots of pillows and cushions.

Bamboo pillowcases

Image Source: IKEA

If there’s one thing that makes a bed look like it belongs in a hotel room, it’s an abundance of pillows! Try for at least 2 on each side, one in front of the other, and include pillow shams in front if you have them. For a super-fluffy sham, pack multiple pillows inside. These affordable ones from Ikea are perfect for doubling or tripling up your pillows inside a pillowcase.

Cushions are a great way to change the look of your bed on a budget! They come in so many patterns and shapes, you’re sure to find one to suit your aesthetic. 

4. Drape a quilt or throw.

Bamboo quilt

Pick out a statement quilt or throw blanket like the Leaf Jacquard Bamboo Quilt. Drape it straight across the foot of your bed, or if you’re feeling wild, go for a diagonal drape across the corner!

5. Layer, layer, layer!

Bamboo bedding

The key to styling a bed like an expert is to layer using a mix of solid fabrics and patterns, and to utilize different fabric textures for throws and pillows. More is more, in this case!

Bonus tip: Use a linen spray to level up the luxury.

Linen spray

Grab a linen spray, or make your own using a mixture of witch hazel/rubbing alcohol and your favourite essential oils! Spray it lightly over your pillows and duvet for a relaxing aroma.

Use these tips to style yourself a great night of sleep. Sweet dreams!

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