Back to Work Essentials

A woman sits at a desk in a brightly lit room, wearing comfortable, bamboo workwear. Title text on the right reads, "Back to Work Essentials."As we transition back to the workplace, it's crucial to upgrade our wardrobes with comfort and sustainability in mind. Bamboo clothing is the perfect solution, offering style, comfort, and eco-friendliness. Let's take a look at some must-have bamboo clothing items along with other essential pieces for a seamless return to work.

Bamboo Work Wear

Featuring 3 different bamboo outfits for work. One woman wears bamboo leggings, a bamboo t-shirt and bamboo blazer, while another wears cropped bamboo pants that are ruched at the ankles. The last wears a bamboo jacket, displaying the versatility of wearing bamboo to work.Elevate your professional attire with luxuriously comfortable bamboo shirts and pants. Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking, ensuring you stay fresh and dry all day long. Bamboo clothing is also high-quality and long-lasting, making it an eco-conscious choice for your work wardrobe. Try wearing the Terrera Meghan Blazer with the Colette Cropped Pant and a pair of kitten heels, or in colder weather, throw the Sophie Fleece Jacket over the Mabel V-Neck Top for a cozy but professional look. Opt for neutral clothing colors that pair well with various outfits, reducing the need for excess clothing.

Eco-Friendly Work Bag

Two essential work bags. The first is a carry-all tote bag made from recycled plastic bottles, and the second is an organic cotton laptop bag.
Image sources: Terra Thread and Vivaia

Keep your work essentials organized in an organic cotton laptop bag made by Terra Thread, where your purchase goes towards donating meals to kids and families in need. To house all your work gear including your laptop and lunch, use a carry-all tote like this one from Vivaia, made from recycled plastic bottles. In combination with your bamboo work wear, you can rock a fully sustainable ensemble to work!

Eco-Friendly Lunch Gear

Eco-friendly lunch gear for back to work/school, featuring a stainless steel water bottle, cloth lunch bag and stainless steel lunch box.Image sources: Well.caECO Lunch Box

Stay hydrated throughout the workday with a reusable stainless steel water bottle from Klean Kanteen. By opting for a sustainable alternative, you're helping to minimize single-use plastic bottle waste. You can also consider investing in a cute cloth lunch bag and stainless steel lunch wear from ECO Lunch Box to pack a waste-free lunch everyday!

Eco-Friendly Desk Accessories

Back to work desk essentials include a desk organizer and a bamboo laptop stand.Image sources: IndigoEarth Hero

Invest in some thoughtful organizers for your desk to keep you organized and focused at work! Look for a stylish and functional desk organizer that complements your workspace and is made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo, sustainable paper, or recycled plastic, or invest in a wooden laptop stand from Earth Hero so you can be productive and ergonomic.

ReMarkable Note Tablet

A collage of 3 images featuring the ReMarkable paper tablet. It feels like paper when you write on it and allows you to save notes electronically.Image source: ReMarkable

ReMarkable is a versatile work essential that offers a true paper-like experience for all your digital needs. Whether you need to jot down handwritten notes, annotate PDFs, sketch ideas, or indulge in reading ebooks and articles on its E-Ink display, ReMarkable has you covered. It allows you to access existing notebooks and files or use the Quick Notes section for instant note-taking. The device also provides various templates like checklists, sheet music, ruled pages, and grids, allowing you to customize your documents. Embrace the simplicity and convenience of ReMarkable to enhance your productivity at work and beyond.

Make a positive impact on the environment while investing in sustainable work gear – it's a win-win for you and the planet!

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