12 Reasons Why You Will Love Wearing Viscose from Bamboo

Here at Terrera, sustainability is at the core of every decision we make. Here are 12 reasons why bamboo is the sustainable fabric of choice for the majority of what we make.

A Sustainable Resource

Bamboo is a highly renewable natural fibre source that uses significantly less water to grow than other natural fibres. Other sustainable qualities:
- Grows without pesticides 
- Naturally Biodegradable 
- Fast-Growing

    A Natural Fibre 

    Bamboo is one of the most durable and resource-efficient plants in the world. It releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. As a renewable resource, bamboo is a fast growing plant that is naturally pest-resistant. Through organic farming, we can naturally sustain soil health, prevent water contamination, reduce the use of toxins and chemicals, and build biologically rich agriculture.

    Gentle on Sensitive Skin

    For individuals battling sensitive skin conditions, Bamboo is generally a great alternative to cotton and other fabrics. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties make this fabric considerably hypoallergenic. That being said, always consult a health professional before trying a product for those with serious skin conditions.


    This material keeps you cool when your hot and keeps you warm when you are cold. Bamboo is the perfect fabric that can be worn across all seasons as it keeps you cool in hot temperatures and insulates in cold temperatures, thermo-regulating your body temperature at all times.


    Bamboo’s natural qualities provides a high level of warmth and natural insulation but it is also breathable and comfortable on the body. You won’t ever feel stuffy in bamboo!


    For the avid folks who swear by hanging dry laundry, bamboo dries fast out of the wash and is so easy to take care of. We recommend a cold wash and natural hang dry process for best care of your bamboo garments.

    Soft and Comfortable 

    It’s a no brainer that the moment you slip on our bamboo pieces you’ll immediately be blown away by how soft it feels against your body. This signature fabric of ours is smooth, soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin.

    Retains its Shape

    Even across multiple washes and long-time wear, our garments have a stellar ability to maintain not only its softness but also its form and structure. Be amazed at how many years our bamboo pieces last in the closet compared to other items!



    • We know that in textile manufacturing, dyeing can have a huge impact on the environment. That's why we only use low-impact dyes that are classified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as eco-friendly. 
    • In order to meet the rigorous OekoTex100 standards, we ensure that our dyes have absolutely no toxic chemicals or mordants; no heavy metals and carcinogens; and no substances that can cause allergic reactions. The dyes that we use consume much less water than regular, non-certified dyes and have a high absorption rate. This means that our dyeing process needs little rinsing and we can complete our rinse at low temperatures. We also use a closed loop water system to ensure that our water is recycled.


    Yogis and athletes all love our pieces for the reason that they are not only moisture-wicking but also have a magical ability to keep the odours out! Our fabric’s naturally breathable qualities let your body breathe with it.



    It’s time to consider the longevity of things you buy and the impact that excess clothing has on our environment. If we haven’t stressed it enough, our items were designed and made to stand the test of time. Investing in quality, long-lasting bamboo garments will not only help you save on buying new clothes but also prevent your clothes from going to landfills.
    So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself:  www.terrera.ca

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