LNBF Earth Award 2020

To all women making strides as environmental and community leaders: We want to hear from you! 

At LNBF we want to empower people to create a more sustainable world for future generations. Through our Earth Award, we recognize outstanding Canadian women who are actively engaged in environmental and community leadership. 

This year, we are supporting the winner with a $1000 grant for a community initiative, project, social-enterprise, or business that is making a positive impact on society and the environment. 

Do you know someone eligible? Share and invite them to apply! 

We are excited to hear from you.

Here's how to apply:

Send us an email at media.lnbf@winmarkfashions.com with the Subject: "2020 LNBF Earth Award: YOUR NAME" along with the following information:

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Location (City, Province)

3. Tell us your story! (approx. 500 words or less)

How did your venture, project, or organization get started? What inspired you to work in this project? How will this grant further your goals? (Be specific! How will you use the funds? Is there a launch date/timeline?)

4. Are you receiving any external funding or awards for this project? Please list the source and the amount.

5. How did you hear about the LNBF Earth Award?

6. Attach your resume detailing past achievements, work and volunteer/relevant projects.

7. Attach a picture(s) of yourself engaged in your venture or project!

Submission Deadline: July 1st, 2020


*You must answer all questions above to be entered for consideration. Eligible projects include: a new/existing business, non-profit organization, social enterprise, charity, event, or a community project. Finalists may be contacted for more information on their applications. Contestants must be 18+ years of age, and a resident of Canada. LNBF reserves the right to refuse incomplete applications. One final candidate will be selected for the grant after Contest Deadline. By applying you allow us to share your work and photo on our website and social media channels. Finalists or award recipients may be contacted for further opportunities and updates.

Here are some of our past winners and their stories...


Julia Maxwell


Ariane Drainville
Wildfire Rehabilitator in training.

Ariane is currently in training to become a certified Wildlife Rehabilitator through the International Wildlife Rehabilitator Council. With a passion for saving animals, she plans to use her award to get her started with collecting resources and other materials to fulfill her goal of running her own rehabilitation centre within the next two years.


Ann Gibson
Owner of Upcycle Lifestyle.

With Ann's passion for sustainability and a goal to reduce consumer waste through reusable alternatives, Ann plans to use her award to purchase a cover stitch machine for Upcycle Lifestyle. This will allow her to expand her product line, giving consumers more environmentally-friendly clothing options for children, all while repurposing materials.


Jana Girdauskas
Founder of the Period Purse.

Jana is making a difference in bettering the lives of women experiencing homelessness by donating purses filled with menstrual products and hygiene items. Her goal is to actively enhance the physical health and emotional well-being of homeless women. This award will help volunteers to deliver these purses to shelters and women's organizations around Toronto.


Tenille Riechelmann
A passionate recycled fashion designer.

With the LNBF Earth Award, she hopes to organize more charity fundraisers to benefit the community. Currently she is planning a breast cancer benefit fashion show in which all proceeds will be donated to the Medicine Hat Health Foundation. She is most excited by the fact that her creations will not only help the environment, but also the women in her community.


Angela Kesthely
Dedicated to helping others with her knitting talent.

Today, Angela still continues to knit milk bags and send them all over the world with the help of volunteers, children from 300 Canadian schools and Canada Food for Children (CFFC). Her next quest is to send milk bags to Burkina Faso, Africa, which continues to have one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, with girls’ literacy rates much lower than boys because of preferential schooling. With the funds from the LNBF Earth Award, Angela hopes to continue the project in Haiti and expand to Burkina Faso to help the women and girls there to create their own Milk Bags businesses.


Jill Doucette
Founder & Owner of Synergy.

Jill will use the funds from our Earth Award to build a new website for her small business, Synergy, to help increase awareness around how business and the environment can co-exist. It will show visitors the type of green economy we can build, and give them the encouragement and aid necessary to take action.