Wellness Tip: Eliminate Toxins by Choosing Organic

    Wellness Tip: Choose Locally Made Products

    Choosing organic can change your life. Ever wonder what’s in the teas you drink, or the spreads you’re putting on your morning toast? Artificial food colouring, nitrates, trans fats, aspartames and high fructose corn syrup - are all common things lurking in your most beloved snacks and drinks. Being well means eating well too, and that starts with putting good things in your body. 

    Here are 3 simple ways to eliminate packaged, processed foods from your diet and increase the nutrient value in your foods:

    1. Choose fresh, local produce.

    2. Check the labels for a certified organic checkmark before purchasing

    3. Go to your local health food store for great natural options for food, drink, supplements and even beauty products 

    Local Brand Feature: Lake & Oak Teas

    For the month of March, we teamed up with local Toronto brand Lake & Oak Teas. We reached out to Meredith from L&O as we loved the ethos behind her products and want encourage our community to choose health products that increase wellness and are certified organic.

    Lake & Oak Teas are not your normal cup of tea. The teas are hand-blended locally in Toronto and include nature’s most powerful adaptogens, superfoods, spices and fruits in the mixes. They are free of artificial sugars and sweeteners to let the taste of nature speak for itself.

    There's nothing like making more choices towards a more sustainable lifestyle, inside and out. What better way to curl up with tea and book than in our ultra-luxurious loungewear collection featuring our most-loved pieces such as our Julianne Lounge Pants, Suri Leggings, and Ellie Relaxed Top made from organic viscose from bamboo.

    What are some of your wellness secrets? We'd love to know!



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