Helpful Tips to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

Transitioning to a more at-home lifestyle can easily lack routine and leave you feeling unmotivated to check off the to-do list. Here are simple ways to create good habits and make your day intentional.

1. Set the tone.

Ease into your morning routine by switching out of your pyjamas into something to start your morning routine, choosing flexible bottoms like our Suri Leggings is easy to pair an outfit with!  Instead of instinctively checking your phone first thing in the morning, make a cup of Jo and do a bit of motivational reading to get yourself into a good headspace. 

Setting specific spaces for where you work, workout, relax, and sleep can increase your motivation for each activity.

2. Do some stretches, meditate

Get your circulation going with some morning stretches and deep breathing to get your body moving. Don't forget to get in your 40-45 minutes of exercise a day! It can be as simple as walking the dog a couple more times or following an instructional Youtube video.

Set work and break times by creating a scheduled routine and stick to it. 

3. Nourish

Drink a big glass of water and get a nutrient-dense breakfast to fuel you for the productive day ahead. Load up on those vitamins, especially B vitamin and immune boosting foods such as ginger, lemon, garlic and turmeric. 

4. Be Present at the Job

Working from home? Transition into a WFH (work-from-home) appropriate outfit - something comfortable yet fashionable. Get ready for work - be video chat ready! Change your outfit to match the activity you are doing. Keep the leggings but switch up the top for a slightly more put-together look for those Zoom calls and Skype meetings.
Check in with co-workers regularly to maintain a rhythm and stay motivated together as a team.

5. Change it up!

Upgrade your environment by playing some music, take up a creative project with your kids such as baking, arts and crafts, DIY, or simply for a walk outside to get some fresh air.

6. Unwind and Reflect

Reflect on your day and think about ways to achieve your short and long term goals. As you prepare to unwind, change into your favourite sleepwear and pamper yourself with some DiY face masks and sip on a cup of organic tea. Comfort is key to getting a good night's sleep! Our Rosa Sleep Dress is the perfect way to float into dreamland. 

Items pictured: Rosa Sleep Dress in Twilight

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