Vacation Essentials: Travelling Post-Pandemic

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After three long years in a pandemic world, it’s finally time to get back out to discover and explore our beautiful world! Travelling season is here with our Winter weather in full swing. Travelling may look a little different post-pandemic, and there are definitely new ways to do so. 

With these changing times, there are new things to consider when packing for an upcoming trip. We’ve outlined some items below that are great companions to bring when travelling for a more hygienic and efficient environment.


Bamboo sheet set and bamboo bath towel

With the pandemic slowing down, travelling can still bring some worries surrounding hygiene, especially when sharing a space with others. To avoid any of these worries, you could always opt to bring your own bedding and towels where you are staying. Doing this eases your mind and allows you to better enjoy your stay at the hotel. Besides hygienic reasons, it’s also nice to bring your own bedding and towels, as hotels usually provide cotton bedding and clean them with harsh chemicals, such as bleach. These cleaners can be irritants for the skin and cotton can often cause a warm night's sleep, leading to a restless night. Bamboo fabrics are more breathable, thermoregulated, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin. 


Cooler bag

Especially on a road trip, it’s important to pack lots of snacks for the journey! If you’re looking for a great way to transport these snacks, investing in a cooler bag to keep everything cool is a must! Our Cooler Bags are reusable, sturdy, and lightweight, ideal for travel! Not only for road trips, but the cooler bag is perfect to pack lunches for the beach, visiting a park, or even to bring snacks down to the pool.  


Bamboo robe and bamboo contour shorts

When travelling, whether you’re staying at a five star resort or a motel, usually the facility provides robes for their guests to wear. Although these are cleaned, it’s nice to wear your own robe for the comfort of knowing it’s been worn only by you. We suggest packing a light robe to wear around the resort, such as our Mia Robe. Fabricated with bamboo jersey, this robe is an easy throw on lightweight robe that’s easy to pack, taking up less room. 

If you’re heading somewhere tropical with warm weather, chances are you’re packing some cute summer dresses. Warmer weather often leads to a common issue when wearing these styles - the dreaded chafing. To prevent this, we recommend bringing a comfortable seamless short to wear under your dresses and protect your thighs! We have a great style for this - our Ribbed Contour Shorts are constructed with our seamless ribbed bamboo fabric, offering many benefits including thermoregulation, breathability, antibacterial, and safe on sensitive skin!

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