Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

A man stands in a washroom with his hand on his stomach, slightly lifting his bamboo t-shirt. He wears blue bamboo boxer briefs and smiles as he looks down. The title on the left reads, "Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas".It’s almost Father’s Day, which means it’s time to appreciate the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, male mentors, and other father figures in our lives! Check out our list of 10 gift ideas and show your guy some love!

1. Subscription Box

A collage of 3 images featuring subscription boxes. The largest image on the left shows the Carnivore Box, a collection of cured meats, the top right shows a box of colourful socks and the bottom right shows the contents of the De Mello Coffee subscription box.
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The gift that keeps on giving! Sign him up for a subscription box to a monthly beer club, meat, coffee or socks! Each month, he’ll get a box in the mail filled with lots of goodies, so he can celebrate Father’s Day all year round!

2. New Outfit

A collage of 3 images featuring men's bamboo clothing essentials. The image on the left features a black short with elastic waist and tie, the centre features a man wearing a navy-blue v-neck t-shirt and black shorts, and the image at the right shows a pair of soft, bamboo boxer briefs.Is he still wearing that t-shirt from high school? Gift your favourite guy a new outfit and include the ever-important basics, like these boxer briefs, socks, shorts or soft, bamboo t-shirt. Once he feels the smooth texture of our temperature-regulating bamboo, he’ll never go back!

3. Wireless Meat Thermometer

A steak is being cooked in a grill pan with a wireless meat thermometer inserted. An image to the right shows the components of a different wireless meat thermometer and the linked app image on a phone.
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June means warmer weather, and that also means it’s time to barbecue! If your dad or father-figure loves to barbecue or roast meats, get him this handy wireless meat thermometer. Controlled from your phone, you can set the temperature/doneness for your meat, and it will signal when the meat is cooked to your desired level. You’ll never have over- or under-cooked meat again!

4. Arcade Machine or Board Game

A collage of various games. On the right, a small arcade machine shows a Pac-man game, and on the left, there are 3 family board games: Bohnanza, Rhino Hero and Hand to Hand Wombat.
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Does your guy like to game? Stir up some nostalgia with a countertop arcade game or gift a board game the whole family can play, like Rhino Hero for families with younger children, Bohnanza, or Hand to Hand Wombat

5. Luxurious Facial Care

The Trader Joe's Mango Honey Shaving Cream sits on a counter beside a shaver on the left, and the image on the right features Viking Beard Brand Bead Oil in a glass dropper bottle, beside its packaging.
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Men’s facial care has come a long way! If you’re looking for a super-smooth shaving cream, my husband raves about the Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Moisturizing Shaving Cream, or if he sports a beard, get him a natural beard oil like this amazing-smelling Sandalwood Beard Oil from Viking Beard Brand.

6. Lego Set

A collage of 2 images. On the left, the Lamborghini Sian Lego set is featured assembled, with the box in the background. On the right, a man puts his Lego Fender guitar on a shelf beside the Lego amp from the set.
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Is your dad a big kid? Try gifting him a collectible Lego Set, like this one of a Lamborghini or a Fender electric guitar. Then you can spend some quality time with him helping him assemble it!

7. Axe-throwing Outing

A collage of 2 images. On the left, a large wooden target has an axe embedded in the centre. On the right, a man holds an axe over his head and prepares to throw it at a target.

Give your guy permission to throw a lethal weapon at a target! Axe-throwing is growing in popularity, so you’re sure to find a venue in your area. If you’re looking to splurge, pay for a few of his friends to accompany him, so they can go together and compete to see who is the burliest of the lumberjacks!

8. Fitness Tracker or Oura Ring

On the left, the Fitbit Versa shows the time and on the right, the Oura Fitness Tracker Ring sits on a table.Image source: and

We know most people have a Fitbit, but have you heard of the Oura Ring? It’s less cumbersome than a watch, and it tracks all the same stats, including sleep cycles, heart rate and activity levels. Made of titanium and water-resistant up to 100 feet, he’ll be able to wear this ring anywhere!

9. Luxury Car Racing

Many luxury cars are lined up on a curved road, ready to race.Image source:

Make his dream to be a racecar driver come true! Book some time at a race track where he can drive a luxury car at high speeds or test drive the latest exotic cars. If he prefers something a little more low-key, you can always take him for a few spins around the go-kart track!

10. Washlet

On the left, a washlet is closed. On the right, a toilet features a washlet bidet in a green washroom.Image source: and 

Does your father spend a lot of time in the washroom? His bottom will thank you for getting him a washlet! It’s a heated toilet seat and bidet in one and will revolutionize your guy’s time in the washroom. We know, it seems a little strange at first, but most people who try one never go back!

Which gift will your father love? Whether it’s a big hug or one of these great gifts, let us know what you got him below!

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