The Work From Home Survival Kit

Changing little habits in your routine and setting rules straight can do wonders for those of us all working at home! We rounded up some sustainable, earth-friendly must-have essential items to keep you motivated in mind, body and spirit as we cozy up in our homes. Read on for ten workspace tips to keep you in shape for productivity at home.

Sustainable Office Essentials

 1/ A good pair of headphones for the focus music. 

LSTN - Vegan Leather Headphones

House of Marley - PVC Free, Made from Recycled Materials

2/ Houseplants

Plant Collective - Toronto-based, carries succulents and cacti

Kim's Nature - located in Markham, carries bonsai

3/ Pen and paper!

Nota Bene - Montreal-based stationary shop for high-quality picks

Take Note - Toronto-based stationary shop

4/ Tea to soothe the soul

Tao Tea in Toronto for a great selection of asian teas

Numi Tea - Organic, Fair Trade teas

5/ A candle to make the room smell good

Au Naturel Soy Candles - simply the best soy candle in Canada

6/ Blue Light Glasses to reduce eyestrain

We love the selection at Warby Parker

and Bonlook!

Sustainable Outfit Essentials

1/ Work Casual T-Shirt

Our classic cut tees are simple, clean and minimal for that work casual look!

Brenda U-Neck Tee

Gracie Tee

Becca Relaxed V-Neck

2/ Easy, No-fuss slip on cardigan

Our cardigans feel just as soft as anything else and give you that elevated look for the zoom calls.

Alice Cardigan

Julia Cardigan

3/ Cute Scrunchie

Bad hair day?

We love these sustainable scrunchies from The Littlest Pinecone made with recycled fabrics as a quick fix

4/ Light Accessories

Still have fun with some light jewelry to feel feminine and put together.

Check out Franky Rose Jewelry and The Wildberry Studio for some cute, local and sustainable options!

Franky Rose Jewelry

The Wildberry Studio

5/ Sweatpants to live in

There is no other sweatpant we'd rather live in than our Nora Joggers and Julianne Lounge Pants!

Nora Joggers

Julianne Lounge Pants

6/ Cozy socks

Keep your feet happy with our softest bamboo viscose Terrera Crew socks:

Terrera 2-pack Ladies Crew Socks

Sustainable Health Essentials

1/ Pair of Weights

Don't snooze on that fitness goal, get motivated with a colourful pair of weights!

2/ Sunshine

Schedule in 30-60 minutes everyday to get in a walk for some free, vitamin D!

 3/ Multivitamins

Taking supplements can give you that extra immune boost you need to stay well and healthy. 

4/ Comfy Workout Clothes

Slip on our Essential Bralette and Suri Leggings first thing in the morning to get you in the mood to move!

Essential Bralette

Suri Leggings

5/ Lemon with Water

Stay hydrated and get an added detox by putting lemon or fruit in your water.

6/ Yoga Mat

Don't forget to stretch! Sitting for hours takes a toll on our lower bodies. We love these easy workouts by The Fit Hive


10 Tips for Healthy Work From Home Productivity:

  1. Set clear boundaries with people in your house
    1. Sharing a space with roomates, family and siblings? Things can get into disarray fast with overlapping schedules but setting firm house rules can do wonders and reduce petty arguments.
  2. Make time to get fresh air and sunshine
    1. These January days are short and it’s important that we still get out for some fresh oxygen to our lungs and body. Set a daily alarm to remind yourself to get outside!
  3. Make a clear to-do list
    1. All the monitor screens can distract us from getting what is priority done. Writing down a clear to-do list will help you achieve your most important tasks first.
  4. Dress the part
    1. It’s easy to just stay in your pyjamas all day but changing up your outfit into something a little more work casual will help you feel like you’re at the office.
  5. Eat well
    1. Don’t skimp out on ensuring that you are getting in all your daily vitamins and nutrients in a balanced diet. Supplements help to get an immune boost for these winter days.
  6. Seperate your workspace from the bedroom
    1. Doing pretty much everything in your room now? Separating your workspace from your eating and sleeping area can help you feel refreshed and separate the day better.
  7. Create a routine
    1. Normal isn’t really a thing in these uncertain times, so creating some kind of regular routine helps. Simple things like making a morning coffee, and slipping on cozy socks can help you feel calm, organized and consistent.
  8. Shut off when the workday is over
    1. Set work apart from play. Late emails and messages can wait! Make it clear to your co-workers you are not reachable after hours.
  9. Relax and unwind
    1. Decompress after a long day of zoom calls with a bath, a book, and switch off from the screens! Just because you didn’t go anywhere doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a well needed break.
  10. Get good sleep
    1. Getting a good snooze at night can do wonders for our mood, energy level and circadian rhythms! Try to sleep at a consistent hour every night and avoid staring at screens late at night.

And you're all set for a productive, healthy and motivated work from home routine!

Check out more wellness tips and tricks from our Kinder to Yourself  campaign on our website HERE

Wishing everyone a healthy mind, body and spirit as we embark into a new year!



- The Terrera Team


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