Sustainable Packaging and Why It's Important

The importance of sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging – why is it important? The choice of packaging made by a company contributes to our global efforts in protecting the environment, reducing waste, and promoting a sustainable future. The packaging and materials used to ship goods are essential to minimizing our carbon footprint and maximizing opportunities for a more sustainable world.  

Plastics and non-recyclables are over-used, and in a world where online shopping continues to rise in popularity, this means more shipping packaging is used than before. With global warming and waste production on the rise, it is important for businesses to make the switch to more sustainable packaging and shipping options, now more than ever.  

In this blog post, we’ll explore Terrera’s sustainable packaging solutions and ways in which we lower our carbon footprint.  

At Terrera, we consider ways to reduce our footprint not only in our products and fabrics, but also in their shipping and packaging. 


  1. Bio-degradable packaging 

When creating our products, we not only want to consider the sustainability of the product itself, but also all the packaging used to get it to you! Starting with the garment bags. Each product is packaged in an opaque bag that is made of corn starch, meaning it is 100% biodegradable and home compostable.  

  1. Recyclable shipping bags

Not only did we consider the garment bags, but also the bags used to ship your package to your home. The black shipping bags are 100% compostable – you could even reuse these bags for your small green bin at home!  

  1. Recyclable boxes 

Our bralettes, underwear, and camisoles are shipped in beautiful box packaging – these can easily be recycled in your paper bins. 

Sustainable packaging alternatives


  1. Slow shipment by sea

Our products are produced with our overseas partners in China where once the pieces are ready, we slowly ship them by sea to Canada to reduce our ecological footprint. Shipping by sea has a much smaller impact on the environment than shipping by air, and so for our bi-annual collections, we continue to ship by sea. 

Sustainable packaging isn’t a trend, but rather a critical element for our planet’s well-being. The focus on lowering your impact on the environment as a consumer and a business is crucial to building a more sustainable future – and it can easily start with using eco-friendly alternatives for shipping and packaging. 

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