Supporting our Canadian Partners

To celebrate Canada Day this year we want to feature some local businesses we've partnered with over the past few months! Supporting homegrown businesses has never been more important, and we have been grateful to be able to come together with these local friends this season:

1. Lake and Oak Tea Co.

We reached out to Meredith from Lake and Oak Tea Co. back in March when we discovered her beautiful, superfood tea line. Her "plant-powered goodness" teas are truly energizing and made from all organic and natural ingredients Start your road to wellness by sipping on some of these blends that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reap a variety of health benefits from gut health and natural energy boosts to detoxification and better immune function.
Shop Lake & Oak Teas here
Follow them on Instagram @lakeandoaktea

2. BeesButter Canada

Nothing gets more natural when it comes to skincare than homemade scrubs, body balms and lip butters made from all-natural ingredients without added chemicals, dyes or animal byproducts.
You can see Dorothy from BeesButter whipping up these fresh batches of body butter on her Instagram @beesbuttercanada! Check out her amazing line of serums, scrubs, body butters and more, or catch them at a local market.
Shop BeesButter here
Follow them on Instagram @beesbuttercanada

3. Au Naturel Soy Candles

These soy candles are simply the best. Located in Saint-Lazare, Au Naturel's candles are hand poured, made with 100% non-GMO soy wax and comes in the cutest mason jars and upcycled containers. They burn clean, and don't release toxins into the air as they burn. Check out these handmade candles that smell as good as they look!
Shop Au Naturel Soy Candles here
Follow them on Instagram @aunaturelsoycandles

4. Detour Coffee Roasters

We wanted to find a local coffee brand to collaborate with for our Father's Day Care Packages this year, and there was no better partner we could have found than Detour Coffee over in Hamilton, ON!
They source the highest quality green coffees in the world, made ethically and roasted to perfection at their coffeeshop. Not only do they make the best coffees but they also have the coolest coffee-lover's gear and merch. Take a "Detour" and shop their incredible selection of blends for your next morning brew.
Shop Detour Coffee Roasters here
Follow them on Instagram @detourcoffee

5. Uncle Bob's Popping Corn

Yes, organic, Canadian grown popcorn is a thing! This family owned farm makes the best, all-natural movie treat. Their popping corn comes in the coolest flavours and are easy to make at home for your next movie night with the kids. We were thrilled when Uncle Bob's were onboard to collaborate with us for our Father's Day gifts this year! Treat the family to some local goodness! 

Shop Uncle Bob's Popping Corn here

6. Bridlewood Soaps

As sanitization is key these days, we've been on the search for good and natural soaps. Situated in Orangeville, Bridlewood Soaps founders Jen and her husband began with a mission to ensure that their child was only exposed to truly natural skin care products.
From bath salts and bath bombs to natural baby products, Bridlewood Soap's incredible selection of natural remedies are they way to go when looking for ways to keep your skin free of exposure to harmful chemicals.
Shop Bridlewood Soaps here
Follow them on Instagram @bridlewoodsoaps

7. The Scented Market

Kristy, founder of The Scented Market decided one morning that she wanted to start her own soy candle line, so she did! 
Hand-poured in her own kitchen, these all-natural, soy candles come in the most delightful seasonal flavours and are locally made in Ariss, Ontario. We were so excited to parter with them for our Summer Wellness Care Package. Head over to their website to shop their wide selection of candles, melts and more!
Shop The Scented Market here
Follow them on Instagram @thescentedmarket   

Shop the story:

1. Lake and Oak Teas:

2. Beesbutter Canada:

3. Au Naturel Soy Candles:

4. Bridlewood Soaps:

5. Detour Coffee Roasters:

6. Uncle Bob's Popping Corn:

7. The Scented Market:

In case you missed it, shop our Summer Wellness Care Package with featured items from our local brand partners!

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