Save Money with these Four Sustainable Holiday DIY Gift Wraps

The holidays are here and it's time to wrap your gifts. Save money and do the earth a favour by taking up these four minimal and sustainable gift wrapping ideas that require no tape and prevent plastic from ending up in landfills!

1. Festive Kitchen Cloth Towel Wrap

Who knew that kitchen towels could double as the perfect little bundle up for your present? We are obsessed with how cute this one turned out. For this you will simply need a kitchen towel big enough for your medium-sized gift, and some ornaments to decorate!

STEP 1: Place your gift at the center of the kitchen towel.

STEP 2: Fold up the two short ends of the cloth to completely cover the top of the present first, then take the two long ends and bundle them upwards, tucking in the edges as you make a tight tie at the top.


2. Sweater Wine Bottle Holder

Gifting wine is easy as A-B-C until you’re faced with the challenge of wrapping the bottle. This simple, no-fuss solution saves your day especially when you’re in a crunch to get those gifts ready. For our wine bottle holder we used an old knitted cable sweater, a couple of festive ornaments and some string! Here’s how:

STEP 1: Take the sleeve of your cable knit sweater and cut across, measuring it to the length of the wine bottle prior to cutting.

STEP 2: Slip the sleeve over the wine bottle

STEP 3: Decorate by fastening on some hemp string, dried oranges or fresh pine trimmings!


3. No-Tape Needed Craft Paper Wrap

Eliminating tape in your wrapping allows for the next person to be able to re-use your wrapping paper and also prevent more waste in the landfills. Depending on the size and dimensions of your gift, this wrapping method may need to be altered, but where there’s a way there’s a will!

STEP 1: Place your gift in the middle of your craft paper and cut a square leaving about 3 inches away from the edges.

STEP 2: Angle your gift on a diagonal so that its corners are aligned with the sides of the square. 

STEP 3: Here’s the hard part! Keep the folds and creases tight as you wrap the gift and tuck in the final edge so that the paper holds itself together without a fastening. 

STEP 4: Secure the gift with a piece of string, ribbon or festive and sustainable decoration!


4. Toilet Paper Roll Minis

This one is for those mini treats you want to give to your co-workers, friends and family! Who knew that toilet paper rolls actually make for the cutest little carrier for the little things like a chocolate or lip balm! Here’s how:

STEP 1: Take a clean toilet paper roll and pinch one end so that the sides meet in the middle to create a closed bottom.

STEP 2: Place your little gift inside!

STEP 3: Seal the top of the toilet paper roll by pinching the other end closed. 

STEP 4: Decorate by wrapping a ribbon around and securing with a piece of string and ornament!


Check out the full video on our Youtube Channel!


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