Reflecting on 2023: Terrera

Reflecting on 2023: Terrera's Initiatives

2023 – a year of self-love, earth consciousness, adventure, mindfulness, appreciation, and giving back. Terrera had another wonderful year! As a team, each year we reflect on the previous year to learn, grown, and appreciate from all that happened over the last 365 days.  

As a small business, and recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, it was a challenging year but a good one overall. Our small team of women worked hard together to release 2 collections (SS23 and FW23) which offered sustainable, comfortable, and stylish pieces with all body types in mind. Our goal at Terrera has always been to create environmentally conscious clothing that fit and flatter all women, as well as sustainable home good products for a feel-good home.  

Along with the release of our collections, we also work towards giving back to the community in any way we can. From our annual Earth Award to our November ‘Save Big, Give Back’ charity month, we strive to support the community - this blog outlines Terrera’s 2023 year review. 

April: Earth Award

Terrera Earth Award Winner 2023

Each year, Terrera recognizes an outstanding Canadian woman through our Earth Award. We support the chosen woman with a grant for a community initiative or project that seeks to create a more sustainable world for future generations. This past year, Sumi was selected as our winner – a compassionate and energetic woman who created the ‘Queen’s Club’, a group that gathers and resources new immigrant and refugee women. Her group aims to empower Arab women and focuses on academic motivation, supporting members in pursuing language fluency, education, and various careers. Sumi’s next goal is to introduce ‘Mother Wise’, an engaging, 10-week seminar series where members will collaboratively explore a chosen book alongside fellow newcomers on a weekly basis.  

May: Story Money Impact Online Auction Donation

Story Money Impact Auction 2023

Story Money Impact (SMI) is a non-profit organization that maximizes the social impact of select Canadian documentary films to create a more caring, just, and sustainable society. Their goal is to support documentary films that tackle key social and environmental issues in a better way. After a customer who works with SMI reached out to Terrera regarding their online auction, Terrera wanted to support by donating our bedding product as one of the auctioned items. We are so thankful to have learned more about SMI and their initiatives, as well as be able to help support them with their event this past year! 

July: Team Addy

Team Addy Family Fun Day Silent Auction 2023

‘Team Addy’ reached out to us this past year raising awareness for their initiative. Addison is the heart of ‘Team Addy’, and her story is a courageous one. Addison was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After ongoing treatment at SickKids and surgery to remove the tumor in her chest, as well as chemotherapy and intensive radiation, Addison stayed optimistic and remarkably strong. July 10th, 2022, tragically Addison’s journey came to an end. Those who loved her were left with a profound impact, but one that they turned into something powerful and positive: a continuation of Addison’s fight against Sarcoma cancer. Team Addy raises awareness and collection donations for Sarcoma cancer research in support of Sick Kids Hospital.  

Team Addy reached out to us, sharing Addison’s story and their initiative for their silent auction fundraiser on Family Fun Day. We were touched by her story and Team Addy’s initiative to support the research of Sarcoma cancer, and so we donated our bedding product as one of the auction items.  

September/October: Breast Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Canada Donation from Terrera

In support of breast cancer research, Terrera hosted a promotion from September 28 – October 5, where 10% of our sales from were donated to Breast Cancer Canada. Breast Cancer Canada is a national organization that is 100% dedicated to raising money for research for ending breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer worldwide, in Canada, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime (Breast Cancer Canada). Funding for prevision oncology breast cancer research is of high importance. Terrera was honoured to run this campaign in support of Breast Cancer Canada to help with further developing the research of breast cancer.  

November: Dress for Success Canada Foundation 

Dress for Success Canada Foundation Donation from Terrera

During the month of November, Terrera hosts its annual ‘Save Big, Give Back’ campaign where the team chooses one charity they’d like to donate 10% of online sales from during the month of November. In 2023, we partnered with Dress for Success Canada Foundation, an organization who honours the courage of women to overcome immense obstacles and keep moving forward. The Dress for Success Canada Foundation was created to ensure that every woman in Canada is within reach of the help they need.  


We are so touched by each of these charities – all amazing initiatives for impactful causes. Terrera was honoured to help over this past year, and we look forward to continuing our goal of giving back in 2024! 

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