Recipe for a Cute Outfit

Recipe for a Cute Outfit: featuring Terrera Women's Bamboo ClothingHave you ever wanted a foolproof formula for looking good? Try out our recipe for a cute outfit, featuring super-soft and sustainable bamboo pieces from Terrera!


1. Top

Featuring 3 different bamboo tops: Bamboo v-neck t-shirts in blue and coral, and a bamboo built-in bra tank.Begin with a versatile women's bamboo top that suits your style and the occasion. A classic top like the Rylie V-Neck Tee, or an elevated basic like the Alicia V-Neck Top is a great base for your look. For warmer days, you can also start with a base layer like our Seamless Bra Tank with built-in bra!

2. Bottom

3 bamboo bottoms: A comfortable bamboo short in olive green, bamboo joggers in dark red and basic black bamboo pull-on pants in black.Select a bottom piece that complements the top and provides a balanced look. This could be bamboo joggers like the Julie Jogger, a bamboo pant like the Emory, or bamboo shorts like the Wendy. Consider the fit, length, and style of the bottom to ensure it flatters your body shape and suits the occasion.

3. Outerwear or Accessories

Enhance your outfit with a third element that coordinates with your ensemble. Try one of the following pieces:

Bamboo Outerwear

Versatile bamboo outerwear: A bamboo fleece jacket, bamboo blazer and bamboo hooded cardigan.Depending on the weather or occasion, add a bamboo jacket like the Sophie, bamboo blazer like the Meghan, or a bamboo cardigan, like the Jaime Hoodie Cardigan.


Accessories from sustainable companies: Sunglasses from Wildwood eyewear, a belt from ABLE Clothing and linen scarf from Slate & Salt.Image credit: Wildwood EyewearABLE Clothing, Slate & Salt

Elevate your outfit with bamboo accessories, like a belt from sustainable brand Able Clothing, sunglasses from Wildwood Eyewear, where they plant a tree for every $10 you spend, or a scarf from Slate & Salt, where they support Fair Trade movements throughout the world.


Sandals from Brave Soles, a sustainable Canadian footwear company.Image credit: Brave Soles

Choose shoes or sandals made from sustainable materials, that match the style and formality of your outfit, ensuring both comfort and eco-friendly fashion. Try out sandals from Brave Soles, a Canadian company that values sustainability and makes the soles of their shoes from discarded tires in the Dominican Republic.


3 bags from Canadian vegan leather company Matt & Nat: a belt bag, backpack and tote bag.Image credit: Matt & Nat

Opt for a vegan leather bag or purse that complements your outfit from Canadian company Matt & Nat, combining practicality with an eco-conscious choice.

Layering Piece

Third layering pieces: A bamboo duster cardigan, bamboo shrug cardigan and bamboo draped vest.Consider an extra bamboo cardigan like the Irena Shrug, bamboo vest like the Kenzie, or bamboo duster like the Joanie that adds depth and visual interest to your ensemble.


Layer your bamboo clothing pieces, knowing that the bamboo fabric will help regulate your temperature throughout the day! Add on any accessories and finish off with a trendy bag and shoes for the perfect summer look. Enjoy wearing your thoughtfully curated and sustainable outfit featuring Terrera women's bamboo clothing!

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