Pumpkin Patch Chic: 5 Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas To Wear This Fall

Pumpkin Picking Outfits

October is here and all we can think about is Autumn! Pumpkin patches, pies, caramel apples, Thanksgiving dinner, and Halloween! Fall is the ultimate cozy season - and Terrera does cozy best! 

A visit to the pumpkin patch is a must in the Fall! There are so many opportunities for photos with the gorgeous colours of orange from the pumpkins, beige in the hay bales, and green from the grass. From the scenery to the colours, the pumpkin patch is truly a picture perfect location! If you’re planning on taking beautiful family photos at the patch, then you’re probably also planning what to wear for those photos. Picking out the perfect stylish Fall outfit can be tricky, especially when keeping the weather in mind.

What to Wear?


Alright, it’s the night before the big day to the pumpkin patch. Before you head to bed, you check the weather and the worst has happened - it’s now supposed to rain! If it’s not possible to reschedule, don’t panic - instead, it’s time to rethink your outfit! 

Where there’s rain, there’s usually also a chill in the air. To work around this, make sure to dress in layers. From head to toe, you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable, warm, and stay as dry as possible! We recommend starting with a basic long sleeve tee - any neutral colour will do! From there, pair this with a good pair of jeans. Leggings can sometimes be breezy, so a thicker pant is recommended. If you’re not feeling jeans and looking for something more comfortable, a French terry pull-on pant is another great option! Our Emory Pull On Pant has a wide waistband with a discreet mini pocket and a slight flair at the ankle. 

From here, add your go-to cardigan for added warmth and layer a rain jacket on top to keep your clothing dry! Don’t forget to bring an umbrella, just in case!

We’ve put together two Terrera outfits for a rainy day:

1. Aurora Seamless Long Sleeve Tee + Emory Pull-On Pants + Lucy Shawl Collar Cardigan

Black long sleeve top, beige cardigan, and green pull on pants

When piecing this outfit together, try tucking in the long sleeve to the pants, and then layering the cardigan over top for a more polished look. If the sun kindly returns, you can peel back the cardigan and still have a cute and comfy outfit underneath!

2. Jennie Split Neck Fleece Sweater + Lia Seamless Tee + Giselle Ankle Pants 

Brown collar sweater, black t-shirt, paired with black bamboo leggings.

Rather than a cardigan, layer a pull-over sweater with a thin t-shirt paired with cozy ankle pants. This is for the day where sun seems unlikely, and you don’t have to worry about removing layers if it gets warm.


If you’re lucky, it will be a beautiful sunny day with a slight crisp in the air - the PERFECT Fall day. This is ideal, as there can be more versatility when building your outfit. If it’s warm enough, a simple long sleeve top with a unique sleeve (such as our Bridget Dolman Sleeve Top!) could be worn with your go-to jeans, or if there’s a slight breeze, try a warmer option such as a fleece hoodie or cardigan paired with a long sleeve.

Another great option for the pumpkin patch is a cozy flannel. Plaid is the universal pattern for Fall, so obviously it makes a great pumpkin patch outfit! Layer a plaid flannel over a thermo long sleeve top to give more warmth while keeping the cute style. We recommend our Aurora Seamless Long Sleeve tee here as well, since it is breathable and temperature regulating - perfect for the breezy Fall weather!

We’ve put together a few Terrera outfit options for sunnier Fall weather - check them out below!

1. Brooke Jumpsuit + Georgia Crew Neck Long Sleeve

Green jumpsuit paired with a brown long sleeve bamboo shirt.

We love a Summer piece that can be transitioned for the Fall! Our Brooke Jumpsuit features a tank-style top, which makes it easily layered with any undershirt. For the pumpkin patch, we recommend the deep olive jumpsuit, paired with our new Georgia Crew Neck long sleeve in latte. Throw on a cute cardigan, or even a leather or jean jacket to complete the look!

2. Marissa Sweatshirt + Terry Leggings

Collar sweatshirt paired with bamboo leggings.

We are obsessed with our new Marissa Sweatshirt! The collar gives this piece a stylish preppy look and we’re here for it. This piece is so easily styled with whichever pant you prefer, but we recommend a thicker legging, such as our Terry Leggings in black, for ultimate comfort. 

3. Colleen Mock Neck Top + Viva Pocket Leggings

Mock neck turtle neck top paired with bamboo pocket leggings

A staff-favourite, the Colleen Mock Neck Top is a classic fall piece. This top is so classy, but yet comfortable. It features unique batwing sleeves, a mock neck, and ribbed trim details. If Fall was a top, it would be the Colleen Mock Neck Top! Available in black, wine, and moss green, each colour is perfectly suitable for Autumn. Pair our wine coloured Colleen top with the Viva Pocket Leggings in black and you’re set! It’s a classy outfit that needs minimal planning!

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