How to Wear a Dress Across Multiple Seasons

Wearing a dress across multiple seasons

Picture this: This past spring season, you bought the most perfect dress ever. It’s your favourite dress, in a flattering shape and style, with pockets, unique details, and made from super soft and comfortable fabric. Nothing can top this dress. You’ve worn it all spring, through the rain and the sunshine, but as the seasons change, you dread the day you must switch out your fun spring wardrobe for your cozier fall and winter styles.  

But wait – do you have to switch all the pieces? Can this amazing dress be worn season after season? Absolutely! Let’s dive into the art of dressing for the seasons and discover how your cherished spring dress can be a year-round staple! 

Spring: Light Layers + Comfy Sneakers 

Spring is all about renewal and fresh beginnings. Embracing lighter fabrics, softer colours, or playful prints. Paired with a comfy sneaker and a light jean jacket, your favourite dress make for the perfect base to add comfy layers over for the ever-changing spring weather. 

How to style a dress in spring

Summer: Let it Shine on its Own + Sandals

When the temperatures rise, your dress on its own will keep you cool and stylish (especially if it’s made from bamboo, like our Lilah Twist-Knot T-Shirt Dress!). Simply style with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and comfy sandals – summer chic achieved!  

How to style a dress in summer

Fall: Layered with Plaid + Cute Booties

Crunchy leaves, frosty mornings, and apple cider – fall is the perfect time to bring out your favourite spring dress and layer with a plaid shacket or cardigan and some adorable boots. Transition your dress by adding tights or taller boots for added leg warmth. Earthy tones like brick, deep olive, and warm brown complement the autumn palette. For an extra fall style tip: add a scarf to stay extra warm and stylish! 

How to style a dress in fall

Winter: Paired with Thermal Leggings + a Cute Jacket

Yes, your spring dress can be worn in the winter too! Start with a warm base layer – thermal leggings or tights (tip: look for fleece-lined tights – these will keep you super warm even out on the snowiest days!) – and then layer your dress with your cutest winter boots, a winter parka, and a chunky scarf. You’ll be both warm and stylish this winter! 

How to style a dress in winter

There are no rules set in stone in the fashion world – if you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe, try to find all the ways you can style it season after season! Not only does this get the most ‘bang for your buck’, but it is also a sustainable choice as you will discover you no longer need to purchase a new wardrobe every season, but rather you can transition what you have from other seasons. 

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