How to Style Our Brick Colour

A woman reclines on a couch, wearing a soft, bamboo, a-line dress in a terracotta brick colour. Title text on the left reads, "How to style our Brick colour."Inspired by summer sunsets and sandy beaches, the Brick colour from our SS23 collection is a warm, terracotta and copper-brown colour that pairs well with many neutrals. Available in our Daphne Bamboo Hoodie Dress and Marlee Cropped Bamboo Jumpsuit, they’re versatile staples for the summer and will also be great transition pieces as we move into the fall. Check out our colour pairings below for inspiration on how to wear Brick with some of our other, classic, bamboo clothing pieces!


Featuring women's bamboo clothing from Terrera: the Cadence cardigan in Ink blue, the Marlee Cropped Jumpsuit in Brick, and the Seamless Bra Tank in Ink.For cooler days and nights, layer the Cadence Bamboo Cardigan over the Marlee jumpsuit or Daphne dress. The Brick colour of the jumpsuit pairs beautifully with the deep, rich blue of our bamboo clothing in Ink. If you’re looking for just a little extra coverage with the jumpsuit, you can opt for the Seamless Bra Tank underneath it!

Taupe & Oat:

A collage of images featuring Terrera's bamboo women's clothing. Featuring: The Meghan Blazer in Taupe, the Daphne Hoodie Dress in Brick, and the Marissa Sweatshirt in Oat.For a casual yet polished outfit, style the Marlee or the Daphne with the Meghan Blazer in Taupe. The blazer adds structure and elegance to the relaxed pieces, and your whole outfit can be elevated with a pair of trendy heels. In the fall, you can layer the Marissa Sweatshirt in Oat over the Marlee so they look like stylish culottes, or for a relaxed yet refined look, layer it with the Lucy Shawl Collar Cardigan in Oat. The Oat and Brick colour combo is perfect for a casual day out.

Mauve Taupe:

Terrera's bamboo clothing. Featuring: The Seamless Bra Tank and the Diana 3/4 Cuff Sleeve in Mauve Taupe, and the Marlee Cropped Jumpsuit in Brick.Create an effortlessly stylish ensemble by pairing the Marlee Cropped Jumpsuit with the top from our Fable Lounge Set or the Seamless Bra Tank in Mauve Taupe. The jumpsuit's brick colour beautifully complements the soft tones of the top, resulting in an understated and fashionable look. Alternatively, combine the Daphne Hoodie Dress with the Diana Cuff Sleeve Top in Mauve Taupe for a cozy outfit. Layering the hoodie dress with the cuff sleeve top adds depth and texture to the overall look. 


Featuring Terrera's bamboo women's clothing in an earthy brown, terracotta Brick colour.For a fresh and clean aesthetic, layer the Marlee or Daphne with the Lia Seamless T-shirt in White. The beautiful brick colour pops against the crisp white, creating a modern and stylish outfit. For extra warmth and to transition between seasons, pair either of the Brick pieces with the Aurora Long Sleeve in White. For a refreshing summer look, try wearing the Cindy Tank in White as a versatile layering piece. Its simplicity allows for endless possibilities when combined with the jumpsuit or dress.


Terrera's bamboo women's clothing. Featuring the Ashley Zipped Hoodie and Nina Bateau Top in Wine, and the Daphne Hoodie Dress in Brick.For a richer, autumnal feel, pair the Marlee Cropped Jumpsuit with the Ashley Hoodie Cardigan in Wine. The jumpsuit's brick hue contrasts elegantly with the deep wine colour of the cardigan, creating a bold and fashionable statement. To achieve a cozy and stylish vibe, layer the Daphne Hoodie Dress with the Nina Bateau Top in Wine. The combination of these rich tones adds warmth and flair to your outfit.

The Marlee Cropped Jumpsuit and Daphne Hoodie Dress are two of the most popular pieces from SS23 and offer a variety of styling options. By incorporating these complementary colours and layering with pieces like jean jackets and cardigans, you can effortlessly create fashionable outfits for any occasion. Explore the versatility of these pieces and have fun experimenting with different combinations to express your personal, sustainable style!

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