How to Style Biker Shorts this Summer

How to style biker shorts this summer

Biker shorts have pedaled their way into the world of fashion, becoming a staple for summer wardrobes. These versatile shorts are now a trendy choice for anyone looking to combine comfort with style during the warmer months.  

In this blog post, we’ll explore 3 ways you can style biker shorts for a chic, effortless summer look. Whether you’re running errands, heading to brunch, or engaging in light exercise, we’ve got style tips to help elevate your shorts into a comfortable and chic outfit. Grab your favourite pair of biker shorts (like our Side Pocket Shorts) and let’s ride into the world of summer styling! 

Choosing the Right Biker Shorts 

It’s important to first consider which biker shorts your styling. Although they are a basic garment, choosing one with both comfort and style is important. To find the perfect pair, consider the material, fit, and length.  

  • Material: Look for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry – especially in the summer heat! Bamboo fabric ticks all these boxes, we couldn’t recommend it enough!  
  • Fit: Biker shorts are meant to fit more snug to the skin, but not too tight where they’re digging in.  
  • Length: Typically, a mid-thigh to just above the knee is a good length for a biker short, but there are shorter and longer options, depending on your preference. 

3 Ways to Style Biker Shorts 

Now that you’ve secured your perfect biker shorts, how do we style them? We’ve got 3 easy and effortless styling tips for these versatile shorts that will be perfect for summer.  

1. Matching Co-Ord: Side Pocket Shorts + Nicola Folded-Cuff Tee

The easiest way to look naturally chic in your biker shorts would be by pairing the shorts with a matching top in the same colour. This pairing creates an elevated monochromatic look. The single-coloured ensemble creates a unified look and stress-free choice when choosing an outfit to start your day!  

Matching sets for women

2. Workout Chic: Seamless Bra Tank + Side Pocket Shorts

If you’re aiming for a sportier look, we recommend pairing your shorts with a light workout top, like our Seamless Bra Tank. This tank features a built-in bra with sewn-in cups, the epitome of comfort! Whether you’re going for a summer evening stroll or engaging in a light yoga flow class, the versatility of this sporty look is endless. Pair with your fav sneakers to top off the look!  

How to style biker shorts with a tank top

3. Extra Comfort: Arosa Mini Dress + Side Pocket Shorts

Add a modern twist and extra comfort and coverage to your favourite summer dress by layering your biker shorts underneath! This styling works particularly well with loose, flowy dresses where the shorts cannot be seen. We recommend pairing our Side Pocket Shorts with our Arosa Mini Dress to achieve the look! A bonus of styling these two pieces? Pockets! Both the Arosa Mini Dress and the Side Pocket Shorts have pockets!  

Shorts to wear under dresses

Remember, finding the right biker shorts helps to not only look good but also feel comfortable all day. With their versatility, biker shorts are a fun addition to any wardrobe, and create so many opportunities for summer outfits. Happy styling! 

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