How to Care for your Bamboo Viscose: Washing Bamboo Clothing


So you’ve invested in a sustainable, Terrera closet staple made from a natural fibre like bamboo viscose, organic cotton or tencel. Wondering how you should take care of it? Following our recommended care instructions can give your Terrera garment that extra mile of longevity. 
Here are some simple instructions on how to take care of your garment and sustain them for as long as possible in your wardrobe:

Recommended Care Instructions for Terrera Items made with Viscose from Bamboo:

1. Wash with like colours

Our fabric dyes are fade-resistent and our materials are OEKE-TEX Standard 100 certified. That being said, still separate your light laundry items from your darks to prevent dye bleeding and staining from other items in your laundry onto your bamboo viscose. 
How to care for bamboo viscose clothing

2. Hand Wash in Cold or Delicate Cycle

Choose a cold or delicate cycle on your machine when washing your bamboo viscose item to prevent shrinkage and best retain the colour of your garment.
How to wash bamboo clothing

3. Lay flat or Hang to Dry

We recommend that you lay flat or hang your bamboo viscose to dry to best maintain the fit, feel, quality and structure of your garment. Alternatively, tumble dry on low would be our recommended dryer setting.

4. Easily steam out wrinkles

Instead of ironing, opt for a hand steamer. The wrinkles on your bamboo viscose will disappear in no time when given a quick steam!

Watch this laundry care video for an easy and quick synopsis!

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