Easy-to-Make Sustainable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and you are probably racking your brain on what to do for your costume! If you’re out of ideas and out of a budget we have some affordable, sustainable, and easy-to-make costumes that you can whip up in no time.

Earth to all plant-lovers! Dress up as a good old cactus this year with these simple costume elements! 

  1. Choose a green top and bottom, or a green jumpsuit as your base layer
  2. Create some yarn loops and safety pin them on to your base layer to create an effect of cactus spikes
  3. Get some fake (or real) flowers and glue gun them to a headband! 
  4. Find a pair of green heels or shoes to complete the look

This one will make you hungry. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? Here’s how to create the look:

  1. Opt for a brown base layer (dress, top, bottom, jumpsuit, sweater). Our Jenny Split Neck Sweater in Caramel is the perfect thing!
  2. Pair with nude coloured heels
  3. Cut squares out of black construction paper to act as the chocolate chips
  4. Glue gun a small empty milk carton to a headband as your headpiece
  5. Go for a smokey eyed makeup look! 

Disney lovers - this one is for you. Here’s a sustainable take on a classic snow white costume

  1. Find a blue shirt and a yellow skirt as the staple elements for your base layer. (Our Melody Long Sleeve Tee in Ink  is a great sustainable option)
  2. Use a red ribbon as a belt if you don’t have a red belt
  3. Create a red bow headband with some hot glue, a headband and a red bow
  4. Top the look with a pair of yellow heels and a wicker basket!

Another classic look to go for is little red riding hood! 

  1. Pair our Dakota Hooded Poncho (or another red poncho) with a Red Skirt or leggings, a picnic basket, some black strap shoes and white ankle socks! 

If you can’t find some of these in your closet, opt to go to a thrift store to find your missing pieces.

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you got some fun and sustainable costume ideas out of this read!

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