Dressing for Your Season: Spring Palette

Colour analysis: Spring season colour palette

The days are lengthening, and nature is blooming – we are officially in the spring season. If you’ve been on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook – everywhere), you’ve probably seen a lot of talk about colour analysis and the 12 colour seasons. If you haven't seen it, let us explain it here! 

Have you noticed that sometimes your favourite colour while nice as an accessory, may wash you out or make you look tired when you wear it, compared to other colours that seem to compliment you? The main explanation falls back to colour theory. The colour of your eyes, hair, and skin determines which colour season you lean more towards, and in turn, helps you to figure out which colours flatter you the most! There are 3 different aspects to consider when discovering your season: Temperature (warm or cool), value (light or dark), and chroma (bright or muted). By analyzing your hair, eyes, and skin colours using these three aspects, you should discover your season! To figure out your season, we recommend checking out The Concept Wardrobe’s blog on colour analysis.  

There are 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) each with 3 sub-seasons (spring = bright spring, true spring, light spring; summer = light summer, true summer, soft summer; Autumn = soft autumn, true autumn, dark autumn; winer = dark winter, true winter, bright winter) making 12 options in total that you could fall under. The Concept Wardrobe has incredible blogs analyzing each colour season and a detailed color analysis on determining your season. We will be using them as our source for all thing colour analysis as they've perfectly outlined the theory behind it!

So, if you’ve discovered that you're a spring (light, bright, or true), then check out the blog below to see which Terrera colours suit you best! 

Types of Spring 

Spring sub-seasons colour analysis
Image credit: The Concept Wardrobe

The spring palette is fresh, warm, and bright. Springs tend to shine in bright and energetic colours. There are three sub-seasons within spring to help narrow down which colours truly flatter you!  

Light Spring 

Light spring colour analysisImage credit: The Concept Wardrobe
Light springs are light and warm, the colours are delicate yet colourful! A light spring has the primary colour aspect of their overall appearance as light, and the second aspect as warm, meaning warmer colours suit you better than cooler ones. There is very little contrast between the skin, eyes, and hair, where all of your features seam similarly light.  

From our current colour palette, we recommend wearing our Coral or Petal Pink. Both hues fall within spring, leaning towards the lighter and warmer side. They’re soft colours with a burst of freshness! Importantly mentioned to differ from the summer palette, these colours are light, but not muted – they are still playful and bright.  

Light spring color palette

True Spring 

True spring color analysis
Image credit: The Concept Wardrobe
A true spring is warm and bright, the colours are warmer toned and highly saturated. A true spring has a bright and fresh appearance. A true spring has the primary colour aspect of their overall appearance as warm, and the secondary aspect as bright, again, meaning warmer colours would suit you best.  

The best colours from our palette would be Powder Blue, Forest Green, and Coast Blue. These three colours are warm and bright – meaning they fall into the true spring, or the original spring season of the four season colour analysis. True spring colours are deeper and more saturated.  

True spring color palette

Bright Spring 

Bright spring
Image credit: The Concept Wardrobe

Bright springs primary colour aspect of their overall appearance is bright, and the secondary aspect is warm. Their colouring is highly saturated – no greyness in any feature, the appearance is vibrant and bright, and there is very high contrast between your skin, eyes, and hair.  

Sangria, Turquoise, Wild Orchid, and Oat are some of the colours from our palette that would suit a bright spring beautifully. Bright spring colours have the spring freshness mixed with the crispness of the winter season. The bright spring colour palette is vibrant and highly saturated while staying relatively light, typical of the spring family. 

Bright spring color palette

 Whether you’re a true, light, or bright spring, we’re certain we have a colour that will make you pop. It’s important to remember that these are just suggestions for what would most likely flatter you based on your appearance, but to always wear what you love! We do not advise throwing away your current wardrobe, but instead, going through it and seeing which pieces flatter you and make you feel good.  

If they don’t make you feel good, make sure to recycle them by donating or upcycling into something new. Have fun with your wardrobe and play around with colour to see what looks and feels best!

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