Earth Day Feature: Make a No-Sew Face Mask Using an Upcycled T-Shirt

In light of Earth Day 2020 and the current global pandemic, the LNBF team challenged each other to make a sustainable DIY face masks out of recycled t-shirts. Here’s our own version of an easy, no-sew face mask using an upcycled t-shirt. Enjoy!

1. Cut out a rectangular panel from your t-shirt using your paper stencil as a guide with the dimensions of 16x8 inches.

(16x6 for kids’ size)


2. Fold the top of the rectangular panel down 1/4 inch of the way.

3. Cut two strands of fabric around 22-24 inches using the bottom seam of the t-shirt. This will act as straps for your mask.

4. Place your strands 4 inches in from the sides of the rectangle.

5. Fold  the left panel of the rectangle over the left strand to overlap in the middle.

6. Repeat with the right panel.

(Optional: Fasten the panels together in the middle with a thread and needle to avoid slipping.)


7. Tie a knot at the top with the two loose ends of the strands. This will act as the strap to place over your head.

8. Cinch the fabric by lightly tugging on the two loose strands at the bottom and pushing the fabric upwards to provide more slack for the bottom strands.


9. To wear, hold the bottom straps in place with one hand while stretching the top loop over your head. Adjust the fabric to fit your face, then tie the bottom straps behind your head to secure the mask. Voila! 

To support our community as a fashion brand we received help from our incredible production workers and local friends to produce a handmade upcycled fabric face mask for sale on our website. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the YWCA Women's Shelter.
*Thanks to the incredible response, we are temporarily sold out of fabric masks. As we hand-sew more masks, we will be updating availabilities.*

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