Cozy Ways To Reset For The New Year

5 Cozy Ways to Reset For The New Year

2023 is here and we cannot wait for what it will bring! Planning for the new year can be stressful, it’s important to sit down, relax, and enjoy the small moments. 

The new year brings new opportunities, experiences, love, friendships, and so much more! There is a lot to look forward to when a new year rolls around, and it’s the perfect time to relax, refresh, and reset! Looking for some cozy ways to do this? Check out our top 5 ideas below!

Soak in a Soothing Bath

Relaxing bath

Sometimes the best way to reset is the simplest! A warm bath is an easy way to relax and rewind for the new year. Add some soothing bath salts or our favourite, a Lush Bath Bomb! Pick your favourite scent, draw a nice warm bath, and get to relaxing!

Relax with a DIY Manicure

Manicure tools

A great way to feel refreshed and ready for a new year is a fresh new manicure! Whether you want to add colour, or just clean up your natural nail, this is a fun way to rewind. Begin by soaking your nails with a soothing scent, and then begin the manicure to clean up your nails! If you want to add a colour, pick one that reflects you for the new year!

Add a Relaxing Scent To The Shower

Eucalyptus hung in the shower

If you’ve never tried adding a shower steamer scent to your shower, now's the best time! Similar to bath bombs, shower steamers are made with soothing essential oils for a relaxing scent. This is the perfect option for those who do not have a tub for a bath, but want to enjoy the scents of bath bombs. Another way to add a relaxing scent to your shower is to hang eucalyptus branches from your shower head. These branches naturally add a soothing scent to the shower. 

Light a Candle and Start Journaling and Planning Out Your 2023 Calendar


Pick your favourite scented candle, open a new journal or 2023 calendar planner, and get writing! Sometimes a great way to relax and reset is to be in control and plan out the year! Write down your plans and goals for the new year and work towards them little by little!

Wear Some New Loungewear and Snuggle Up with a Movie

Women's bamboo loungewear set

A classic way to relax is by putting on your favourite cozy loungewear and putting on your go-to relaxing movie and kick back with some snacks!

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