5 Calming Activities While Staying Home During COVID-19

Being at home for longer than usual can be made more enjoyable with activities that promote wellness and peace. Activities like baking and crafts are great ways to connect with the kids and help them learn skills outside of school. Here are some ways to keep your home routine relaxing and fun at the same time:

1. Bake Healthy and Delicious Desserts

Now is your chance to nourish your body as well as your loved ones around you. Have a sweet tooth but want to avoid excess fats and sugar? Try out these guilt-free and nutritious dessert recipes.  The “Minimalist Baker” has hundreds of healthy dessert recipes that can easily be made by yourself or with your young ones. Many of these scrumptious desserts are vegan, gluten-free, low carb, and/or dairy-free.

Deliver your finished dessert in our LNBF Cooler Basket to a family member or a front-line provider (while practicing proper social distancing).

2. DIY Room Decor & Bedroom Hacks

Upgrade your bedroom with fun DIY projects and hacks to liven up the space. Xo Macenna's Youtube channel shows you how to create home decor on a budget, as well as DIY hacks for a small bedroom. Transform your bedroom into your oasis by adding an extra touch with our LNBF Bamboo Viscose Sheet Sets to create an optimal sleep environment.

        3. Make a Soy Wax Candle

    Just like bamboo, soy candles are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Not only do soy candles burn longer, but they are also better for your health. Unlike paraffin in most candles, soy is a renewable source therefore making it sustainable. Stay relaxed with calming scents like lavender and sage, or your own favourite essential oil blend.

    See here for a great soy wax recipe, or check out our pals Au Naturel Soy Candles who make their own and support a local Canadian Brand.

    4. Plant your Favourite Herbs

      Save yourself a trip to the grocery store and grow your own herbs. Aside from the fact that you get to eat your home-grown organic herbs, these plants can work as wonderful kitchen decor as well. If you don’t have a sunny windowsill, you can purchase LED grow lights to keep your herbs growing year-round. (There's even a bamboo one!

      5. Dance it Out 

      Items Pictured: Becca Relaxed V-Neck Tee, Suri Leggings in Full Length
        This is one easy way to get a workout in without even realizing you’re working out! POPSUGAR fitness guides you through easy dance moves based on latin, hip-hop and even Bollywood beats. Feel flexible and free in movable items like our Becca Relaxed V-Neck and Suri Leggings. Have fun while you burn those calories off! 

        5. DIY Face Mask 

          Make time to take care of your skin while you can. Unwind with a fresh DIY face mask. Home-made face masks are cost-efficient and customizable. You can combine different ingredients to create the perfect face mask for your particular skin type. Check out Well and Good to find the face mask recipe that fits your skin.

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