Build a Capsule Wardrobe with Terrera

Build a Capsule Wardrobe with Terrera

Terrera focuses on making fewer, but better pieces. Our garments and home goods are made with sustainable bamboo and cotton fabrics that are good for the environment, and sensitive skin. When we create a collection, thought is put into the wearability, comfort, and sustainability. When we consider the wearability, versatility is top of mind, we prioritize that styles and colours match with the other pieces in the collection or previous collections, as well as with pieces already in your wardrobes at home!

In the last year or so, it has become known that trendy, one-time wear pieces are fading out of popularity, while building sustainable, long lasting wardrobes are in, otherwise known as capsule wardrobes. These wardrobes are meant to last season after season and not fade out over a year. To build a capsule wardrobe, it is important to stick with colours you love, neutrals, and timeless styles that don’t follow the latest fast fashion trends.

This year, we decided to build collection capsules to tell a story with our pieces. Each capsule was thought out with the intent of easier shopping and styling. Below, we’ve highlighted 4 of our capsules created from our FW22 collection.

Après-Ski Capsule

Apres-Ski capsule wardrobe

Après-Ski or “after ski” was inspired by a chilly Winter’s day. We added some of our coziest pieces to this collection including our Lindsey Half-Zip Poncho, Lucy Shawl Collar Bamboo Cardigan, and Iris Shawl Collar Bamboo Tunic Sweatshirt! The colour palette for this collection includes hues of purple, red, white, and brown.

Crisp Cranberry Capsule

Crisp cranberry capsule wardrobe

With delicious shades of red, our crisp cranberry capsule was created to be centered around our new red shade, cranberry! This deep red colour is beautifully paired with latte, white, black, and oat. It’s a perfect Fall/Wintery red! When we thought of ‘crisp cranberry’ we thought about shades of blue, taupe, beige, and of course, red. This capsule includes pieces such as our Meghan Blazer, Mina Bamboo Hoodie Dress, and Emory Pull On Pant!

Mulled Wine Capsule

mulled wine capsule wardrobe

What comes to mind when you think of mulled wine on a cool Winter evening? Being cozy in a soft sweater while watching the snowflakes gently fall to the ground? Or maybe the sweet smells of cinnamon and citrus while watching your favourite holiday flick? We think of the deep tones of purples and neutrals to pair. This capsule includes stunning tones of lavender and mauve paired with our neutrals oat and latte. With styles like our Arden Half-Zip Bamboo Sweatshirt, Lucy Shawl Collar Cardigan, and Kora Joggers, you’re sure to be comfy cozy this Winter!

Latte Layering Capsule

latte layering capsule wardrobe

One of our personal favourites, the Latte Layering capsule. This capsule collection was inspired by our favourite drink: coffee! This Fall/Winter collection includes a beautiful neutral brown colour, appropriately named, latte! When you order a latte, you see tones of brown, white, and beige. And when you enjoy a latte in a coffee shop, those shops are typically decorated with earthy natural tones. This had us inspired to create a neutral capsule collection that would work with any wardrobe! Each colour and piece included can be easily paired with each other, or pieces already in you closet. Our staff favourite piece, the Sophie Bamboo Fleece Jacket is a great option to throw on over a simple outfit to dress it up! A little black dress is always in, and so we also added our Joanna Mock Neck dress into this capsule - perfect for sipping coffee at the nearest cafe!

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