Back to Reality Sustainable Must-Haves


Back to Reality Sustainable Must-Haves

Welcome September! You know what that means - end of Summer, back to school, and back to work. Fear not! Back to reality can mean a reset and refresh for the new season. As we welcome Fall, it’s time to get thinking about our Fall wardrobes. We recommend skipping the trends this year and instead, spending time finding quality pieces that last and stay in style. Trends come and go, but durable sustainable basics last a lifetime. Below, we have outlined some sustainable must haves for back to reality!


Outfit: The Fall season brings cooler weather, which means a change in wardrobe. It’s time to get packing up those Summer outfits and bring out the sweaters. Not looking forward to those uncomfortable office clothes, but still need to look professional? Keep cozy in our Meghan Blazer, Monique Cap-Sleeve Blouse top and Emory Pants. Our blazer’s are made of bamboo fleece, so soft it feels like a blanket wrapped around you! 

Women's bamboo clothing

 Jacket: Canadian weather can be unpredictable, especially in the Fall and Winter months. It’s important to have a go-to jacket on hand! Tentree carries a long rain jacket that has a non-toxic water resistant coating to wick away rainy weather! Not only is the jacket itself made of non-toxic and recycled materials, Tentree also plants 10 trees for every item sold - that way you can give back to the planet and feel good about what you’re buying!

Women's long rain coat

(image source: Tentree)

Purse: If you’re on the hunt for a sustainable option, Simons carries a recycled material camera bag that’s a perfect everyday option. This camera bag is made of smooth faux leather fabrics - recycled polyester and polyurethane. Both of these materials emit fewer carbon emissions and use fewer fossil resources. 

Camera bag cross body purse

(Image source: Simons)

Undergarment Essentials: Don’t forget the essentials - a good bra! We can’t recommend our customer-favourite bamboo bralette enough. Unlike regular sports bras and bralettes, our bralette has sewn in cups to keep your shape without the addition of uncomfortable wires or thin straps that dig into your shoulders. Our bralettes are made of sustainable bamboo fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, sweat-wicking, and breathable. Back to school and work clothing are already uncomfortable, so it’s important to wear undergarments that make you feel good.

Women's bamboo bralette

Home Goods:

Sheet Set: Feel refreshed at the start of a new season with a new sheet set. These sets make for great back to school gifts for university students, or as a treat yourself gift to freshen up your bedding! Our sheet sets are made of our signature viscose from bamboo, which appear to look and feel like satin, but without the negative environmental impacts. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that is perfect for those with sensitive skin - bamboo fabrics are soft, thermoregulating, and breathable. These sheets are great for all seasons - keeping you cool in those last few hot days in September, and warm in the cooler months. 

bamboo sheet set

Towels: Like your sheets, it’s also important to have a good set of towels that are long lasting, durable, and sustainable. If your towels are in need of replacing, we suggest Under the Canopy organic towels. These towels are 100% organic cotton and OEKO-TEX certified.

Under the Canopy Organic cotton towels

(Image source: Under the Canopy)

Reusable Ziploc: Back to work or school means back to lunch prep! I’ve noticed in the last few months just how many ziplocs I use once and throw out. I wanted to reduce this single-use product, so I began researching. I found these Stasher Stand Up Reusable Bags that have a pinch press™ seal which makes this bag airtight and leak proof. They’re made of 100% pure platinum food-grade silicone. Unlike plastic bags, these reusable bags contain no petroleum, PVC, and latex. 

Reusable ziploc bags

(Image source: Indigo)

Reusable Travel Mug: It’s always tempting to go out for coffee on your lunch or breaks in between classes. To reduce the use of disposable takeout cups, which end up in landfills, it’s important to have a good reusable travel mug. We can’t recommend Yeti enough - these Rambler Reusable mugs are double-wall vacuum insulated to protect your hands from your hot (or cold) coffee, while also keeping its contents warmed or chilled. 

Reusable Yeti travel mug

(Image source: Yeti)

Office Supplies:

Backpack: Matt & Nat create products that are vegan, cruelty free, and use recycled materials. We’d have to recommend the Dean Vegan Backpack as a back to reality bag - whether that’s back to the office, back to school, or even traveling! This bag has adjustable shoulder straps, slip pockets on the side, and a front zipper pocket. The interior linings of these bags are made from 100% recycled water bottles. With a 13” padded laptop sleeve, zipper pocket, and a smartphone pocket, this bag offers all the room for carrying your essentials. Matt & Nat also have a collection line called ‘Purity’ that uses materials made completely from PVB which uses 100% recycled windshield glass resin, which is a fully sustainable alternative.

Matt and Nat Vegan Backpack

(Image source: Matt and Nat)

Stationary: Every year, Americans alone throw away 1.6 billion disposable pens each year (source: We Hate To Waste). This is a major problem that isn’t really talked about, and we need to be thinking about alternatives. After some research, we came across Seltzer Goods, who created the Seven Year Pen, a pen that differs from the average disposable pen - they’re refillable. These pens are made in a precision factory in the eco-friendly country, Switzerland. Each pen has a large supply of ink, high quality parts, and is refillable. The goal is to lessen the amount that is thrown out when using pens to write. This way, you keep the container, and only throw out and replace the ink inside the pen. These pens come in a variety of fun colourful designs - perfect for standing out at school or in the office.

Refillable ink ballpoint pen

(Image source: Seltzer Goods)

Notebooks: Something you may not have thought about is a more sustainable option for your notebooks. Most notebooks get used up, and thrown away - not being properly recycled from their plastic covers. Indigo has been on a sustainable journey, trying to reduce their impact on the environment. They currently carry a notebook that uses FSC-certified paper and other environmentally-friendly materials such as kraft paper, cork, bamboo, and wheat straw. This notebook is part of Indigo’s Good Earth collection that focuses on sustainability and working towards a better future.

Indigo spiral notebook

(Image source: Indigo)

Items Mentioned:

Outfit: Terrera Emory Pants, Terrera Meghan Blazer, Terrera Monique Cap-Sleeve Blouse Top

Jacket: Tentree Nimbus Long Rain Coat

Bralette: Terrera Essential Bralette

Purse: Simons Recycled Cross-Body Camera Bag Purse

Sheet Set: Terrera Bamboo Sheet Set

Towles: Under the Canopy Organic Towels

Ziplocs: Indigo Stasher Reusable Ziplocs

Reusable Mug: Yeti Rambler 414mL reusable mug

Backpack: Matt and Nat Dean Vegan Backpack

Stationary: Seltzer Goods The Seven Year Pen - Refillable

Notebook: Indigo Good Earth Collection Spiral Notebook

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