5 Things To Do In The Dark For Earth Hour

5 things to do in the dark for earth hour

Earth Hour is coming up on March 25th! From 8:30pm - 9:30pm, all are asked to turn out your lights and conserve energy for the full hour. Not only is this a wonderful cause to help reduce our carbon footprint, but it also brings a great opportunity to unplug from your electronics and socialize with family and friends or connect with yourself! 

Looking for some ideas of what to do with the lights out and while unplugged? We’ve listed 5 things to do in the dark this Earth Hour below!

  1. Light Candles

What to do for earth hour - light candles

One of the best things to do for Earth hour is to utilize natural light that requires no energy. Grab your matches and light your favourite candles to brighten your space during Earth Hour. Candles are extremely calming, bringing a beautiful orangey light into your home.

  1. Play board games

Playing Monopoly

With the candles lit, it’s time to think of something to do while the lights are out for an hour. One of our favourite things to do is playing board games with friends or family. To name a few great board games, we suggest Monopoly, Catan, or Ticket to Ride, and for some classic card games, Uno or Phase 10 are super fun and a quicker game option. If needed, add a little extra light with some battery operated lights to lighten up the board games.

  1. Host a dinner party with friends and family

Hosting a dinner party

Before earth hour, prepare a delicious meal for friends or family to enjoy. Having a candlelit dinner party can be a great way to spend time during Earth Hour. Whether it’s potluck or a sit down, ‘fancier’ meal, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time hosting friends and/or family with great food. 

  1. Have a relaxing candlelit yoga session

Practicing yoga with candles lit

Maybe you want to spend this hour alone and have a self-care evening  - we are completely onboard with that idea as well! It can be hard to find a moment in a busy lifestyle to sit down and care for ourselves. Earth Hour allows us to have one hour (or more!) of serenity from the busy outside world. Utilize this time by relaxing and having a candle-lit yoga session! Yoga is good for the mind and soul, as well as our physical being - there are many different kinds of flows, we suggest restorative yoga, which is best for beginners and provides the most relaxation. Restorative yoga is slow-moving and mellow, perfect for a candlelit session! If you need a guide for a restorative class, search up a video on your phone and have it ready to go when Earth Hour starts (reminder: charge your phone before earth hour so you can be completely ‘unplugged’ and lights out for the hour!).

  1. Finally start that book you’ve been meaning to start!


Reading a book with a candle lit

Earth Hour is the perfect moment to yourself unplugged from the online world. This is a fantastic opportunity to get started on a book you’ve been meaning to start! We’re not sure about you, but the pile of books we buy and end up not having time to read is growing - that’s why Earth Hour can be a great reason to get started tackling the pile! With the lights being out for an hour, we suggest lighting some candles and/or using battery operated lights to illuminate your novel.

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