5 Sustainable Sleep Routine Must-Haves

At Terrera we create products to support healthy and sustainable lifestyles. As routines are being changed and we’re adapting to prolonged hours of screen time, eye strain and zoom fatigue, here are some simple things that can help you sleep better at night! 
Non-Irritating Bedsheets 
Are you still sleeping the same old cotton bedsheets? Never even imagined that things could improve with the scratchy and uncomfortable fabric against your skin? Look no further. Our viscose from bamboo sheets not only have a silk-like softness but are also thermoregulating, meaning they keep you cool in warm temperatures but insulate in the colder seasons. Check out our bedding selection so you can take sustainable softness all the way to your sleep routine.

    Organic, Bamboo-Soft Sleep Set 
    Our Vivian Sleep Set just arrived and it’s the cutest thing ever. Our Vivian Sleep Set just arrived and it’s the cutest thing ever. Fall asleep in this sleep and stay dry in our best moisture and sweat-wicking viscose from bamboo fabrication. Get in the mood to wind down in this matching set while sipping on your sleepy tea!
      No-fuss, slip on sleep dress
      Our Rosa Sleep Dress is the most no-fuss nightgown to put on for the gals with a more feminine palette. Feel chic and pretty in this cute sleep dress!
        It starts with a good pillowcase
        Did you ever think about how long your face is in contact with your pillow every night? Our natural fibres are a great choice for sensitive skin as you can ensure that the fibres you’re resting your head on aren’t irritating your face. If you’re wondering where to start with bamboo viscose bedding, trying out a pillowcase swap is a great introduction!


          Cozy up in a luxurious robe
          Our Mia Luxe Robe just arrived and it has elevated our sleep routines by a mile. Get in the night headspace by slipping on this luxurious piece over your sleep dress or sleep set to complete your sustainable sleep look!

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