5 Different Ways to Wear the Infinity Scarf

There’s a reason why it’s called the infinity scarf! You can wear this scarf so many different ways to suit all your winter needs. Check out the five ways we styled it!
The classic double looped look is perfect for tucking into a jacket or wearing over a sweater. 
For more of a relaxed cozy look, wear the scarf in a single open loop.
This one is classy! Tie the scarf up for a nice clean look to tuck into a coat or jacket.
Need a cover up at the office? Get creative by wearing it as a shawl.
It’s cold outside and sometimes you just want to wrap yourself up in this bamboo softness. Treat it as a headwrap and bundle up!
Hope you were able to get some great scarf styling tips! Check out all the different colours that you can get our Infinity Scarf here.

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