13 Amazing Farmer’s Markets Across Canada

A woman looks at a display of flowers at a country market, while wearing a bamboo jumpsuit and bamboo t-shirt.Warm summer weather means farmer’s market season is here! These markets are great for your health and sustainability. Supporting farmers who use organic and regenerative farming practices, which prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and natural resource conservation, also means you’re investing in the longevity of our planet!

By purchasing fresh produce, dairy products, and other goods directly from farmers, we also minimize the energy expended in processing, packaging, and refrigeration. Many farms are family-owned and operated, so buying from them also means you’re supporting a local family in your area!

Canada is blessed to have a robust agricultural scene, so we have farmer’s markets from coast to coast. Check out some of the following markets if you are in the area!

Farmer’s Markets in Western Canada

Farmer's tents stand on both sides of a tree-lined lane at the Vancouver Farmer's Market.Image credit: Vancouver Farmers’ Markets

1. Vancouver Farmers’ Markets in Vancouver, BC

Including the larger Kitsilano and West End Farmer’s Markets, the farmer’s markets in the Vancouver area have offerings from small farms and producers, and they believe healthy, locally grown food should be available to everyone regardless of income. They also have a Fresh to Families Fund, which provides fresh food direct from their farms and producers to families living with low-income, newly arrived refugees, and at risk expectant mothers living in our community. 

2. Moss Street Market in Victoria, BC

Moss Street Market is outdoors from May to October on the Sir James Douglas school grounds, surrounding boulevards and Porter Park, but also operates in the school gym during the winter so you can support local vendors year-round!l 

Fresh strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, and other fresh produce for sale at Crossroads Farmer's Market in Calgary, Alberta.Image credit: Crossroads Market

3. Crossroads Market in Calgary, AB

With over 150 vendors, Crossroads Market runs all year and also hosts fundraisers and other events to support schools and other community organizations.

4. Saskatoon Farmer’s Market in Saskatoon, SK

If you’re looking for fresh local produce, crafts, or baked goods, Saskatoon Farmer’s Market is the place to be all year!

Farmer’s Markets in Central Canada

A woman shops at a country market wearing a bamboo maxi dress with slits in the sides.

5. Le Marché St Norbert Farmers Market in Winnipeg, MB

Open every Saturday throughout the year and on Wednesdays during the summer, Le Marché St Norbert Farmers Market seeks to connect everyone with local farmers, artisans, and other producers of food and hand crafted goods.

6. St. Jacob’s Market in Waterloo, ON

Situated in an area that is still home to the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada, St. Jacob’s Market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays all year round. It features a variety of produce, baked goods, and other local artisans, and you’ll also find Market Road Antiques and St. Jacobs Outlet Mall across the street!

7. The Stop Farmer’s Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto, ON

There are so many farmer’s markets located in Toronto and there’s one in most areas of the city! The Stop Farmer’s Market aims to create space and support for farmers who offer locally made, ecologically-conscious foods. The market is held outside during the nicer summer months, and moves indoors during the winter so it’s open every Saturday from 8am - 1pm. 

Apples are displayed for sale at the Marche Jean Talon, one of the largest farmer's markets in Montreal.Image credit: Jean Talon Market

8. Jean Talon Market in Montreal, QC

One of the oldest open-air markets in the city, Jean Talon Market features a diverse mix of shopkeepers, local producers and restaurateurs. It’s open daily throughout the year and is host to a variety of seasonal events including a Christmas market, walkabouts and culinary demonstrations!

9. Marche Public de Sainte-Foy in Quebec City, QC

Established in 1976, this market is open May to October and is a different experience every time! This community market serves to connect local producers with eco-conscious consumers in the Quebec City area.

Farmer’s Markets in Eastern Canada

3 smiling farmers hold up large heads of lettuce as they pose for the camera.Image credit: St. John’s Farmer’s Market

10. St. John’s Farmer’s Market in St. John's, NL

The St. John’s Farmer’s Market features over a hundred vendors and is open Saturdays throughout the year. It hosts themed markets, in addition to housing local farmers and artisans, including a vintage and collectibles market, as well as a sci-fi and fantasy market!

11. Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market in Halifax, NS

The Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market was created by Royal Proclamation in June of 1750! Not only will you find farmers, prepared food vendors, and artisans here, you’ll also be able to participate in family-friendly activities and take in some live entertainment!

A woman shops for flowers at a country market. She wears a comfortable, bamboo outfit with white t-shirt and brick-coloured, cropped jumpsuit.

12. Charlottetown Farmers Market in Charlottetown, PEI

The Charlottetown Farmers Market is the largest farmer’s market in PEI and is a local favourite. Families come to mingle and socialize, in addition to shopping for farm-fresh produce and unique artisan ware.

13. Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market in Fredericton, NB

Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market gathers producers from across New Brunswick to offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, baked goods, coffee, eggs, cheeses, jams and more!

Wherever you are in Canada, there's sure to be a sustainable and local farmer's market, where you can find seasonal produce, amazing artisanal crafts and a community of like-minded people who support independent businesses and producers!

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