10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her That She'll Love!

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching - have you thought about what you’d like to do for your partner? There’s always the classic ideas, flowers and chocolates, but maybe you’re looking for a different option this year to shake things up. 

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year devoted fully to your partner and helps us to remember how much our person means to us. It’s a day to cherish the love you have as a couple by spending time together. The gift of Valentine’s Day should be focused around spending time together and showing your appreciation and care, a gift is a fun way to accompany this. It’s important to try not to focus too much on the gift, but rather focus on the quality time together!

Gift giving can be a form of how you show you love someone, and is also a fun surprise to make Valentine’s Day special. We’ve curated a unique list of gift ideas below, perfect for her! 

Earth Friendly Bralette

Bamboo bralettes

Every lady needs a go-to bra that’s comfortable for everyday wear - and even better, one that’s good for her AND the planet! Whether she likes a more contoured bralette, v-neck, u-neck, or one with adjustable straps, we’ve got you covered. Bamboo bralettes are a great option as they offer breathability, which makes them perfect for sensitive skin

Her Favourite Flowers (+ Chocolate)

Valentine's day gift ideas flowers and chocolate

A classic, but always a winner. Sometimes it’s nice just to receive some beautiful flowers to freshen up a room and delicious chocolate to indulge in! Bonus, grab her favourite type of flower and a new vase, and prepare the flowers for her rather than handing her the bouquet to prepare herself - this saves her the work!

Matching Bodywear Set

Seamless shorts and bralette set

New clothes are always a great gift, especially ones that are cozy, breathable, and perfect for sensitive skin. A matching seamless short, tank, and bralette set is a unique gift that we’re sure she’d love. This set moves with you - perfect for light exercise, hikes, or running errands!

Candle (pet safe!)

 Pet safe candles by Sand and Paws

Image: Sand + Fog

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like candles! Pick a calming scent with a nice coloured container that you know she’ll love - but be careful with your choice of brand and scent if she has pets! Certain scents can be harmful to dogs and cats, that’s why we’d recommend a pet safe brand such as Sand + Fog - they have a line called ‘Sand + Paws’ that are safe for your pets.

Bamboo Loungewear 

Bamboo loungewear for women

New loungewear is a great gift, and something us girls often forget to buy ourselves. A cute matching loungewear set such as our Fable Short Set is made of uber soft bamboo jersey for a breathable, cozy sleep.

New Bath Towels for a Spa Night

Bamboo towel set

There’s really nothing better than a relaxing spa night for two. Grab some face masks, light some candles, and throw on your favourite movie. Once you’re ready to wash off the face mask, grab those new bamboo towels you got as a gift! Our new bamboo towel sets include a bath towel, hand towel, and face cloth!

Feel Good Undies 

Bamboo underwear for women

Looking for a practical gift? New undies that are good for her and the planet! Bamboo fabric is breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, and thermoregulating - making for a quality pair of underwear. Everybody needs some reliable essentials for their wardrobe! There's a style for everyone: Classic Cut, High Waist Full Brief, and Thong!

Cook a Romantic Dinner

Homemade dinner

A bit of an easier one here, run out to the nearest grocery store and stock up on all the ingredients needed to cook her favourite dinner! Pasta is an easy option that everyone can make. This is a wonderfully romantic gesture - since Valentine’s Day falls during the week this year, treat her to a lovely dinner when she returns from work. Sometimes it can be stressful to get ready to go out for dinner, and so staying in is a great alternative. Set the table and light a candle to bring the restaurant ambiance home. BONUS - add some fresh cut flowers in a vase to decorate the table and surprise her!


DIY A Piece Of Art to Add to Your Home

DIY gifts for Valentine's Day

A cute DIY project can be a strong gesture to show your love for someone - taking the time to create something for them! Whether it’s a hand drawn card, a picture frame with a collage of photos of the two of you, or something more intricate, like a map with a pin in the spot you two first met, we know she’ll love and appreciate this one!

Plant (rather than flowers!)

Succulent plant

Rather than flowers, you can opt for a plant! This will last longer and brightens the home with positive energy. From succulents to ferns, any houseplant will do! Keep in mind, if she has pets, there are some plants that are not dog or cat friendly! Make sure to do some research before picking out your new plant friend for her.

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