10 Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts for 2024

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Father's Day

June is officially here, and that means Father’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to show your appreciation than with gifts that are not only thoughtful but also kind to our planet? 

Dads can be tricky to shop for – what do they truly need? Anybody and everybody can appreciate a gift with a focus on sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 great eco-friendly gift ideas that your dad will love! From sustainable materials to products that reduce waste, these gifts are a win-win for both dad and the Earth! 

1. Men’s Lounge Bundle

Men's lounge bundle

There’s nothing quite like bamboo clothing – gift dad his new go-to outfit for lounging at home. Stylish, comfortable, and safe for sensitive skin (and the planet!). 

2. Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee

Image: Ethical Bean

100% fair trade and organic, sourced seasonally for freshness, Ethical Bean is a Canadian coffee company based out of Vancouver, BC. Treat dad with coffee that’s sustainable, organic, and delicious!

3. Men’s Bamboo Tees

Men's bamboo t-shirts

Basic tees are sometimes all you need. Upgrade dads' wardrobe with sustainable everyday tees made from organic viscose from bamboo that’s gentle and soft on the skin.  

4. Wood BBQ Grill Scraper

BBQ grill wood scraper

Image: The Home Depot

The average grill brush has bristles that fall into the grill and contaminate your food. They’re also not recyclable, so once they begin to fall apart, they’re off to the landfills. Instead of typical disposable tools, get your dad a reusable, more eco-friendly option for cleaning the grill.

5. Bamboo Boxers

Bamboo boxer briefs

The softest, seamless boxer briefs he’ll ever wear. Sweat-wicking, anti-odour, and tagless for extra comfort, these bamboo boxers are an upgrade from his old undergarments.

6. Candle

Wood wick soy candle

Image: Au Naturel 

Candles aren’t just for the ladies! Dads appreciate a nice smelling house too – choose a candle that’s made sustainably with soy-wax. We love these ones by Au Naturel, a Canadian-based company!

7. Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks

Made from breathable bamboo, our socks are moisture-wicking, anti-odour, and anti-bacterial! Bamboo socks make for a great addition to any Father’s Day gift bundle.

8. Reusable Mug Tumbler

Gifts for Father's Day glass tumbler for tea

Image: Tease Tea

Made for the multi-taskers who like their products with maximum versatility, Tease has created a 3 in 1 glass tumbler for tea, coffee, water infusions, and more! Give dad the only mug he’ll need for a day at the office.

9. 100% Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo sheet set canada

Fresh new bedding is a gift in itself – but bamboo bedding is another story. Made from 100% bamboo viscose, these sheet sets are cool-to-touch, ultra-soft, and luxurious. Upgrade dad's bedding and give him the gift of the best sleep ever!

10. Recycled Leather Wallet

Reusable leather wallet

Image: MoMA

Made in Spain from off-cuts discarded by the leather industry, these recycled leather wallets feature 6 pockets for holding cards and money. Stylish, durable, and helps reduce demand for new leather, a recycled wallet is a great gift for any father figure! 

With these 10 eco-conscious gift ideas, you’ll make this Father’s Day memorable while also making a positive impact on the environment! 

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