10 Things To Do This Holiday Season

10 Things To Do This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season which means it’s time to get out there and have some fun! There are some staple activities to do during the holiday season like family photos and watching the Santa Claus parade, but what else is there to do? If you’re looking to make the most out of your holiday vacation time this Winter, you’ll definitely want to check out our list of 10 things to do this holiday season!

1. Skating In Town Square

Ice skating

A nighttime skate under the stars and sparkling string lights is a perfect evening in our books! Many towns and cities have beautiful public skating rinks - so grab your skates and head to the rink! If it’s still mild outside, try an indoor skating rink at the nearest arena. Although this isn’t as festive or aesthetically pleasing, it’s still a great time for the whole family - make sure to grab a hot chocolate at the concession after you’re done to top off the day! 

2. Getting Warm Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

Whether it’s a quick drive to Tim Hortons, or a walk around a Christmas market, or even making your own at home, drinking a cup of hot chocolate puts us in the best holiday mood! If you’re making your own, make it special by shopping for fun marshmallows (look for snowman shaped ones or coloured ones!), coconut flakes, whipped cream, and different flavours of hot chocolate (like mint or look for special edition chocolate bar flavours - we’ve seen Aero, KitKat, and Turtles flavours!). Try boiling milk on the stove in a pot and mixing in your favourite hot chocolate mix for the smoothest hot chocolate taste! Top it off in a cute holiday mug with whipped cream and coconut flakes on top and add a candy cane on the side!

3. Going On A Ski Trip

Ski trip

Let’s face it, we’re not all great with sports, but that’s the best thing about going on a ski trip - there’s lots more to do! Depending on where you book, many ski hills also have other fun winter activities like skating, tobogganing, spas, and shopping! Make sure to dress in warm layers for this activity. We suggest a high quality thermal long sleeve top to layer under a warm fleece sweater and jacket. Check out our Aurora Seamless Long Sleeve top and Arden Half-Zip Sweatshirt for a cute ‘Après Ski’ chic look! A weekend away at a ski resort is a great time, whether you ski or not!

4. Drive To See The Lights

Christmas lights

One of our favourite things about the holidays is driving through beautiful neighbourhoods to see the magical display of Christmas string lights! Some towns even have light festivals happening where they have an amazing display of lights for all to see! Grab your family, jump in the car, and crank the Christmas tunes for this activity! With no cost and great memories made, this is a must over the holiday season. 

5. Brew A Festive Simmer Pot

Holiday simmer pot

If you’re hosting dinner this year, or just want a great smelling home, you’ll definitely want to make this! A simmer pot wafts an all natural pleasant aroma throughout your home making the home feel so cozy and festive! These simmer pots are super easy to make and relaxing to prepare! Flavour and Savour  (https://www.flavourandsavour.com/make-your-own-simmering-holiday-potpourri/ ) have created a famous holiday simmer pot perfect for gifting or making yourself! If you’re gifting it, keep the dry ingredients in a clear cellophane bag or for a more sustainable option, try a burlap bag or cheesecloth tied with twine! The ingredients are simple: whole cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, whole cloves, whole star anise, cranberries, and orange slices. To add a mix of scents and colour, you could add whole bay leaves or fresh rosemary! To simmer, add 2-4 cups of water or apple juice to a saucepan or slow cooker. Add the spices, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and cranberries (and rosemary, if you choose). Heat the mixture gently on the back burner of your stove top. Keep it on low heat and check frequently, adding more water when needed.

6. Visit A Christmas Market

Christmas market

One of our favourite activities in the Winter is visiting a Christmas Market! If you’re in central Ontario, Toronto's Christmas Market at the Distillery District is a must see. With small vendors selling holiday gifts and treats, hot chocolate and restaurants at every corner, a giant decorated tree, and a fun countdown to Christmas Day. We recommend going during the evening to see all the beautiful lights at night - it’s even better when it starts to snow!

7. Take A Road Trip To Visit Family And Deliver Gifts

Holiday road trip

You can’t go wrong with a road trip, especially one that involves visiting loved ones. The holidays are all about gathering with family, so why not make a road trip out of it? Grab some snacks, throw on your favourite holiday tunes for some in car family karaoke, and hit the road!

8. Watch Your Favourite Holiday Movie With Your Family 

Holiday movie marathon

The holidays can get busy and maybe a little stressful - make sure to save time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment! Turn on the TV and get a classic Hallmark flick rollin, whether that’s Elf, A Christmas Story, Christmas with the Kranks, you name it. Even better, start the movies earlier and have a movie marathon! Bake some cookies, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the day. 

9. Bake Your Favourite Dessert 

Baking short bread cookies

If you haven’t read it yet, our latest blog unveiled our team members grandmother’s greatest cookie recipe - delicious shortbread cookies! These cookies are a great option to bake during the holidays as you can customize them to make them more festive by adding some red and green sprinkles or maraschino cherries, or even a little bit of food colouring to change the dough! Put on your cheeriest music playlist and get baking! 

10. Host A Secret Santa With Friends

Secret santa

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the holidays, and maybe are on a budget, hosting a secret Santa is the way to go! Gather a bunch of your friends, or co-workers, or family members and host a secret Santa. Pick names from a hat or use an online generator to assign each person their secret Santa! Set a budget for the gift, and let the fun begin! This is a game to play if you’re hosting any sort of holiday party.

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