10 Sustainable Holiday Gifts + Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

It’s nearing the end of November, which means it’s the perfect time to get planning and shopping for everyone on your list. When shopping for others and choosing gifts for loved ones, price is a factor, but so are quality, fabrication, and the impact of the product - its sustainability.

Reading not only the label, but into the production process, best-practices, and certifications of a company and its products can help to determine if the product is eco-friendly. It’s important to feel good with your gift purchases - when you know you’re gifting a sustainable product good for your loved ones as well as the planet, it’s a fabulous feeling! 

We’ve taken a look around the web for some great options for anyone on your shopping list this holiday season so you don’t have to! PLUS we added some sustainable stocking stuffer ideas for some smaller giftable item ideas. Have a look for inspiration for everyone on your list! Shopping made easier.

Sustainable Gifts

FOR THE COZY QUEEN: Terrera Duvet Cover Set

If they prefer to sleep in or go to bed early, wear cozy socks, love reading or having a cup of tea in bed, then they may be a cozy queen! If so, then they are sure to love a cozy new 100% bamboo duvet cover set for their oasis. 

FOR THE CHEF: Mind Your Bees Wraps Kitchen Essentials Set

Shopping for someone who loves to host, cook delicious meals, or is an excellent baker? Show them your appreciation for their skill with a handy gift: reusable beeswax wraps, a sustainable swap for plastic wrap. Mind Your Bees Wraps has a wonderful Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Set which includes 2 small wraps, 2 medium wraps, 1 large wrap, 1 extra large wrap, and 1 Swedish sponge dishcloth.

FOR THE FASHIONISTA: Pixie Mood Athena Saddle Bag

We all know at least one person who is our fashion icon - always up with the trends, dressed elegantly head to toe, and knows how to perfectly accessorize any outfit. Get them something that they’ll actually want to wear on repeat, but also is sustainable and practical! Pixie Mood has beautiful bags that fit exactly what you want them to. One of our favourite picks is the Athena Saddle Bag made of recycled vegan leather on the outside and recycled bottle lining on the inside. Its design is timeless and is the perfect size to carry only the essentials.

FOR THE BOSS: Bellroy Wallet + Key Cover

Sometimes, the things we need most are things we didn’t even know we needed. Perfect for the business folks, a slim wallet that keeps everything you need bundled with a sleek matching key cover from Bellroy is a perfect gift for the office worker. The ‘Hide & Seek’ wallet has a clever hidden storage for extra bills, coins, or business cards and the ‘Key Cover Plus’ is a durable environmentally certified leather key cover that fits 4-8 keys plus a leather loop to hold car keys as well! Get them as a bundle with their ‘Classic Set’ to save $40 CAD!

FOR THE TEA ENTHUSIAST: Tease Tea 3-in-1 Glass Tumbler

A tea lover knows a good tumbler when they see one - and we think we’ve found their next favourite. Tease Tea creates a 3-in-1 Glass Tumbler that features a stainless steel infuser, bamboo lid with silicon suction ring to prevent spills, and a protective neoprene sleeve with a carrying handle. With three gorgeous neutral colours to choose from: Heather Grey, Bluebell, Cinnamon, we’re certain your tea enthusiast will get lots of use from this gift.  


Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Cozy socks

Everybody, and we mean everybody, appreciates a new pair of socks. An essential usually forgotten to update, socks are a vital item in everyone's wardrobe. A great way to make this essential special is by getting them durable, cozy, and breathable socks made from bamboo! Sustainable, practical, and comfy!

Sustainable Cosmetics

Finding a good eco-friendly make-up brand can be tricky, but we’ve found a great option called Elate Beauty. Vegan and cruelty free, Elate Beauty focuses on reducing over-consumption and offering products with ethical ingredients and sustainable packaging. One thing we love about this brand is their focus on reducing packaging - they offer reusable makeup palettes made of sustainable-sourced bamboo. Once the product is finished, remove, recycle, and refill the wood palette by ordering new pressed eyeshadow colours.

Warm Soy Candles

Candles are listed on just about every gift guide, but for good reason - they bring warmth and comfort to every home. Au Naturel is a Canadian brand that creates 100% soy candles free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring a clean burn. These soy candles are carefully poured by hand, ensuring a perfect blend of fragrance and wax for a long-lasting and consistent burn. They currently have their Christmas scents available, including Cranberry, Fraser Fir, Santa’s Village, and Candy Cane.

Bamboo Undergarment Essentials  

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it’s all about the smaller items with cute packaging that fit perfectly into the stockings. Our bamboo undergarments arrive in the perfect packaging to be included in stockings for any adult! From camisoles, to bamboo bralettes, to men’s boxer briefs, these items are great additions that anybody could use! Made of sustainable, breathable, and comfortable bamboo fabric, these essentials should be on everyone and anyone's list! Not sure which bralette they’d love? Try this fun quiz!

Eco-friendly Facial Rounds

A theme to this gift guide is sustainable and practical - another option for a stocking stuffer we recommend for anyone who uses toners, makeup, or face washes are reusable facial rounds. Eco Beige is a Canadian business located in Vancouver that carries a variety of sustainable products. Eco Beige offers a bundled product with 10 reusable bamboo-cotton blend facial rounds, a cotton mesh bag for washing the rounds, and a bamboo case to display the rounds. It is said these rounds can replace 100+ disposable cotton rounds. The aesthetic packaging makes for a great stocking stuffer for any woman or man in your life!

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