10 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

10 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away - have you thought about how you would like to celebrate your partner? Men can be tricky to shop for, especially around Valentine’s Day - it’s not as simple as a bouquet of flowers! 

Valentine’s Day is a day of love - a day that we set aside time to remind ourselves of how much our person means to us, a day to cherish the love you have with them and spending time together. It’s important to remind ourselves that our love is not reflected by a gift, but rather a gift is to accompany the appreciation and care we have for that person. Try not to put too much pressure on gifts this year, and rather focus on the time spent together! 

If gift giving is your way of showing your love, or you’re looking for a little something to help show your person how much you care for them, then we’ve got some great ideas listed below perfect for him!

Reliable Tees

Men's Bamboo T-Shirt

What a great time to refresh your partner's wardrobe than the beginning of a new year? It might finally be time to up-cycle those worn out t-shirts and refresh them with a more durable long-lasting option. If he hasn’t tried bamboo fabric, now’s the time! Bamboo is durable, breathable, and sweat-wicking - the perfect combination for a men’s tee. Whether he likes a crew neck or v-neck, Terrera’s got you covered for bamboo basics. Check out our Lawrence Crew Neck Tee here or our Huron V-Neck T-Shirt here

Board Game for Two

Tiny Towns board game and Ticket to Ride board game

Image: 401Games

One of the best gifts to give is one you can both enjoy and spend quality time together! A great way to do this is by playing a fun board game for two. If you are looking for some options, we recommend ones that can be played with 2+ players so you can enjoy just the two of you, and also play with friends at your next outing!

‘Tiny Towns’ is a competitive game where each person is to build a well-designed township from available resources. This strategy board game is an easy to learn game with random card combinations to keep the game interesting each time it’s played! Check out Tiny Towns here.

Another simple board game is a classic - Ticket to Ride. Learned in under 15 minutes, this railway-themed board game involves building railroads cross-country! Each player collects and matches train cards to claim railway routes to connect specific cities and gather points. Check out Ticket to Ride here.

New Watch Band

Fossil Apple Watch band

Image: Fossil

If he owns a smart watch, another unique gift is a new watch band design! Watch bands are a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift, and something he’ll actually use and wear daily! With so many options such as leather, a designer brand, or an abstract pattern, there’s sure to be one he’d love. Check out this one by Fossil that uses 100% rPET materials!

Lush Shower Set

Lush Good Karma Gift Set

Image: Lush

Self-care is so important in our busy world - sometimes our guys forget this! ‘Good Karma’ gift set by Lush includes an exfoliating shower scrub, shower gel, and soap bar each with hints of orange and their signature karma perfume scent. 

Feel Good Boxers

Men's bamboo boxer briefs

A go-to gift idea - brand new underwear. You really can’t go wrong with updating some everyday basics! Our bamboo boxer briefs are seamless, tagless, and fabricated with our signature bamboo viscose for an overall comfortable fit. Check out our Men's Bamboo Boxer Briefs here.


Valentine's Day chocolate bouquet

Gotta go with the classic here - Valentine’s is truly the day for chocolates. Grab him a box of heart shaped chocolates, or better yet, an assortment of his favourites and decorate them into a chocolate bouquet for a unique twist on the classic chocolate!

Watch Box

Men's watch box

A little more on the luxurious gift side, a watch box is a beautiful gift that can even be personalized with initials, dates, you name it. If he’s a watch collector, or even just beginning to get into watches, this is a great practical gift for him. 

Fresh Essentials

Men's bamboo crew socks

Looking for a smaller, more practical gift? Socks! A gift we sometimes forget to buy even for ourselves - having a fresh pair of socks to put on in the morning can really make your day! Refresh his wardrobe with new bamboo socks - sweat wicking, breathable, and naturally anti-bacterial. Check out our Men's Bamboo Crew Socks here.

Box of Cookies

Cookie bouquet

Image: Felix & Norton

Maybe he’s not a chocolate guy - that’s alright, it’s a perfect excuse to order him a cute box of delicious soft baked cookies! We recently discovered Felix & Norton - a Canadian cookie company that ships cookies right to your door! They use natural ingredients, and bake the cookies to perfection. Even better, they currently offer a ‘Cookie Bouquet’, perfect for Valentine’s Day! After ordering, your baked goods are delivered within 1-2 days across Canada to guarantee freshness! 

Home Cooked Meal

Ingredients for home cooked dinner

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach - that’s why we’ve added a home cooked meal to our gift guide! There’s really nothing better than staying in for the night with a delicious meal and spending the evening together.

Bonus: Bake a wonderful dessert following the dinner! Whether it’s simple like melting chocolate and dipping some strawberries, or preparing some cute Valentine’s themed cupcakes, we’re sure he’ll love it.

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