10 Camping Tips for the Great Outdoors

Camping without planning is never a good idea! Get ready for the great outdoors with these savvy tips and tricks to help you be set for the camping trip.

1. Be prepared with extra food storage containers

Planning on cooking your own food? Ensure you have things like reusable food bags, storage containers and boxes to store half-used ingredients. Don’t forget to bring rubber bands or bag clips for sealing any open packages as well. 

2. Invest in a Good Cool Box

A decent passive cool box can actually keep ice for 5 days without requiring power. Investing in a quality cooler is something to consider for storing food so it doesn’t go bad.  

3. Prep Food at Home Before you get to the Campsite

Do everything you can to make cooking efficient like pre-cutting the veggies at home. Having pre-cut vegetables like onions, carrots and celery can minimize a great deal of hassle.

4. Use Spray Oil for Cooking

Opting to use a can of spray oil for cooking is an easy way to prevent an oily mess and cook without the fuss of carrying a large bottle of cooking oil in your bag.

5. Take Extra Blankets

There’s nothing worse than being cold at night and not having a solution. Pack extra blankets for the trip in case you or the kids get chilly.  

6. Glamp Up Your Tent

Who says camping can’t be glamorous? Accents like fairy lights, candles, extra cushions and a face mask can create a relaxing and luxurious environment. 


7. Invest in a good Sleeping Bag

Going camping at night will always be colder than you think, even summer nights! An all-season sleeping bag is the way to go.


8. Plan For Bad Weather

Be prepared for the rain! For the wetter days be prepared with plastic tarps, rain boots, rain gear and an extra change of warm and dry clothes in case you get wet. 


9. Leave Nothing Behind

Respect your site by not leaving anything behind. Throw out waste in garbage bags and pick up any litter around your tents before you head out. 

10. Save Space with Collapsible Camp Gear

There's a collapsible version of everything out there - from kettles, washing up bowls to cups and storage baskets - invest in compact, quality and collapsible gear to save space.


We hope these tips and tricks have you ready for the wilderness. Happy Camping! 

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