Giving Back this November

The season of giving is near and this November, Terrera is giving back to our community through our sales. From November 1-30th we have committed to donating 10% of all proceeds from our sales to support breast cancer research through the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Every day, 14 Canadian women on average die from breast cancer. In a year, 5,100 women will die from breast cancer and 13% of all estimated female cancer deaths in 2020 were due to breast cancer. Currently across Canada, routine diagnostic testing focuses on known or existing breast cancer markers. Funding for broader and more accurate molecular testing is not currently available. With the support of donors, BCSC aims to operationalize research and deliver real, measurable results to patients across Canada.

Join us in supporting the Breast Cancer Society of Canada through your next Terrera purchase. Visit their website at to learn more about their mission to end breast cancer.