Terrera Summer Sale: Staff Favourites!


With so many unique styles, it’s hard to choose a favourite! The team over here at Terrera have sat down to discuss their ultimate style favourites - check them out below! (Bonus: These styles are currently on sale from July 5-13th, 2022!)


Riley Crossover Sweater, Diana 3/4 Cuffed-Sleeve Top, Naomi Half-Zip Sweater, Brook Jumpsuit by Terrera

S.L. -  From the Summer styles, S. loves our Wendy Shorts, Brooke Jumpsuit, and Diana ¾ Cuffed-Sleeve Top. And for the cooler months, she prefers the Naomi Half-Zip Sweater and Riley Crossover Sweater!


Brenda U-Neck Tee, Naomi Half-Zip Sweater, Kara Square Neck Top, Lynda Turtleneck by Terrera

R.L. -  R. loves our classic Brenda U-Neck tee, Lynda Turtleneck, Kara Square Neck Top, and like S., the Naomi Half-Zip Sweater!


April Wrap Top, Jillian Elbow Sleeve Tee, Allison Maxi Dress by Terrera

J.S. - Our April Wrap Top, Jillian Elbow Sleeve Tee, and Allison Maxi Dress are J’s top 3 styles from the sale. All wonderful pieces with their own unique features.


Wendy Shorts, Cadence Cardigan, Gracie Crew Neck Tee by Terrera

B.W. - Perfect for warmer months, B.’s favourite is our Cadence Cardigan, Wendy Short, and Gracie Crew Neck Tee.


Vivian Sleep Set and Cindy Tank by Terrera

S.W. - Our Vivian Sleep Set is super soft and comfortable, which is why it’s on S.’s favourite list! She also favourites our Cindy Tanks - a perfect classic tank for every wardrobe.


Essential Shorts, Mandy V-Neck Tank, Gracie Crew Neck Tee, Jocelyn T-Shirt Dress by Terrera

C.E. - Everybody needs a cute pair of basic biker shorts for the Summer months - that’s why C. added our Essential Shorts to her favourites list. She also loves our Jocelyn T-Shirt Dress, Mandy V-Neck Tank, and Gracie Crew Neck Tee!


Haley Maxi Dress, Vivian Sleep Set, Brooke Jumpsuit, Essential Shorts, Brenda U-Neck Tee, Cindy Tank by Terrera

J.T. - J. loved so many styles it was hard to choose just a few! Her top 6 styles include our Haley Maxi Dress (a Summertime fav!), Essential Shorts, Brenda U-Neck Tee, Brooke Jumpsuit, Cindy Tank, and of course, the comfy Vivian Sleep Set.


Tessa Relaxed Fit Crew Neck Tee, Rochelle Side Slit Capri, Krista U-Neck Tee by Terrera

B.P. - For some classic pieces, B. adores our Rochelle Side Slit Capris, Tessa Relaxed Fit Crew Neck Tee, and Krista U-Neck Tee - all perfect ‘back to work’ basics!


Brooke Jumpsuit, Beckett Wide Sleeve Top, Ashton Denim Skirt, Zinnia Tiered Top by Terrera

E.S. - E. enjoys the unique pieces with stand-out details. She’s added the Beckett Wide Sleeve Top, Zinnia Tiered Top, Ashton Denim Skirt, and our Brooke Jumpsuit to her top 4 favs! Each of these pieces are available in neutral colours, perfect for a minimalist-style closet!

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