A Q&A with Greenhouse to Gardens

With more time on our hands to tend to the garden this year, everyone is scrambling pick the freshest blooms at our local greeneries. Let's not forget to respect our local garden centres and greenhouses by following proper social distancing measures to ensure safe gardening for all!

Our friends from Greenhouse to Garden Toronto kindly opened their doors for LNBF to shoot some lively photos against their greenhouse backdrop and while we were at it, we asked them for a few tips to share with the community on how to safely go about gardening this year.

Q: How has COVID-19 affected the way you deliver your plants to customers this year?

A: This year has been challenging in many ways. With the safety of our staff and customers being first priority, means that opening for public to walk through was just not something we were willing to do. So what we did was fast track to an online platform and started offering a contactless home delivery service for all customers, which allows a contact free garden center experience, without actually having to leave the house.

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Q: What measures would you encourage for greenhouse shoppers to take to ensure safe shopping? 

A: When shopping for flowers and vegetables, we think that the best measures to be taken would be the simplest things, such as wearing a mask and gloves, and as we understand the online platform is not for everyone, so shopping at a garden center that is open to the outdoor environment would minimize some of the risk associated with going out in public.

Q: How can we as a community best support your greenhouse?

 A: One of the things we value most is community, and we feel that we have had so much support from the community these past few weeks and all of our customers have been excellent with understanding that this season is a difficult one to grasp. This is a time where patience is well needed and with the increased demand for greenhouse products, we are doing our best to get vegetables and plants out to our customers.

Q: What are your hopes for the greenhouse this season? 

A: We hope that we can get vegetables and flowers into the hands of all of our customers this season, as we foresee a vegetable and flower demand with a limited supply.

We hope everyone stays safe while enjoying the warm weather. Don't forget to wear a mask at all costs, to ensure safety for yourself and others around you.

Check out the beautiful blooms at Greenhouse to Gardens here and support local Ontario greenhouses!

Craving some more inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest Board for some more green tips and ideas. Happy Gardening!

With Love,

- The LNBF Team


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